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Surgery May 25th!

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Getting my total hysterectomy and bladder surgery on May 25th. I am very new to this site but have already found love and support (THANK YOU). I am scared and excited at the same time. Scared because- taking these parts at any age is not fun but at 27 and your family not complete makes me want to cry again. Excited because of the success rate of “getting it out”. I am strong but feel weak, I am funny but not many reasons to laugh, and I am excited but very scared.

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I understand how you feel to a point. This is the right place because there are many people out there who been where you been. Many people help me out alot. I was stage 1b vulvar cancer I had a radical vulvectomy with the lymph nodes on my right and left side removed. I am not sure if you know what that mean. Its when they remove a great deal of you vulvar. I just got a divorce from my husband and now is thinking how is this going to play a part when I start dating again. But I have to tell myself that it saved my life. What good is having it when it it will kill me if I keep it. I know is sounds easy said then done. Each day you come to a better understand and except it. I hope you success in your jounery. Dont give up the fight. I know how when you are laughing you break out in tears. How you can cry yourself to sleep. Ready to start your treatments but is scared out of you mind. This place is here for you and the people here really understand. I had my family around but they didnt know how it felt going through this. When I had my surgery the nurse can in to change the dressing. I was able to see the staples for the 1st time and that is when it hit me that I had cancer and all they can do was hold me. But I start feeling better once I joined this site. OH yeah as far as the age I understand I am 29 years old. That through my doctors for a big loop. Av60erage age i think in in women in there 60 I think. Having it the 40 is still young

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Not sure if I missed something somewhere...I take it you have cervical ca? I wish you luck with your upcoming surgery. Your words show you've started on the roller coaster ride of your life...stay strong and you will do fine. Keep posting!

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