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Neulasta shot blues...

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Emily, 27

I am about to get a full hysterectomy and bladder surgery Tuesday the 25th. Due to my low white blood cell counts (3.1) my doctor gave me a shot of Neulasta- I feel more weak now then ever. My back and neck are in extreme pain, sore throat, and a headache out of this world. “which is worse – my heartbreaking disease, or all the treatment/surgeries”. Not trying to sound like a downer but I am at a loss of how to feel. I cry, I laugh, I run out of emotions. I just want my life back… when does that happen… or does it??

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Yes the Nulasta shot is a pain in the neck...and sternum and ribs..and legs. It felt like I had broken ribs.I've been told it is a result of the drugs work on the bone marrow where the white cells are made. It truly was awful--like the wore body aces from the flu you can imagine. I require shot before each cycle of chomo. Nice hot soaking baths with plenty of bubbles, gentle meditative music or meditations on my ipod, and candles helped sooth away some of da blues. It lasted about five days for me. I'll be back on it in a couple of weeks ready to start some more chemo, this time IP. I just finished my surgery for the hysterectomy etc. They thought they were going to have toake part of my colon, but the chemo had reduced the cancer so much there was no need. I found the recovery from the surgery not as uncomfortable, as the Nulasta, but the discomfort lasts longer--i am very impatient. I am glad there is something tom take to lift those white cells up to where they belong...there'd be no chemo without it, and without the chemo...
Take care and try and sooth those blues.

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Emily - I had Neulasta Shots during the course of Chemo treatment. The bone pain was quite severe the first time and I had a difficult time finding relief for 3-5 days after the initial pain started. I do not tolerate pain meds well so the next time I started with a regiment of Motrim two days before the shot and continued for several days after. That did the trick (at least for the bone pain)

I am so sorry you or any of us have to deal with these diseases. Just know that you are not alone and there truly are many women on these discussion board that can offer hope and support.

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Tina Blondek
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Hi Emily,
I am sorry for your pain. The other two replys seemed quite postive, and I hope helpful for you. I would have to agree with the Motrin before, during and after the shot. This is the day before your surgery, hoping you are feeling much better, and wish you the best for a successful surgery, and a healthy recovery. Keep us updated when you can.

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