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Hiya Sweetblood.......

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Hiya Sweet....Just wanted to tell you how wonderful your new pic is!!! God Bless!!! Jess

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Why, thank you. I am using it as inspiration to keep gaining back weight, to fit in that dress again. Also have dress hanging in front of me as I type. I have actually been even feeling a bit of hunger for a change, and have been trying to eat more. Today I had a treat of ice cream. (i am not a big ice cream eater, don't like it so much, and have to be in the mood) Me and Noah went to the drive inn and I had a kid's cone while I sat in the car, and we people watched. I was even able to eat my old favorite, chocolate chip mint!!! And it did not even burn! That is way cool.

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So happy to hear you are eating! And ice cream at that! I know the feeling of fitting back into your clothes! It feels great - right? I am still working on that. Yippee - a hunger pang! Lol! It is those little things we can be grateful for now! Keep pressing forward, you look healthy! Thank God! Bless you Sweet! ((Hugs)) Patty

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lol. that's an old picture, sweetie, i am not there yet! i have not even broke 100lbs yet. i have it up there as inspiration and a goal for me to get to. my old clothes are waayyy too big. i am at least feeling like i am moving fwd, even tho it feels like it is at a crawl, and cm by cm. but at least it is fwd.

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I am glad you are starting to eat again. That icecream sounds good. My dad had gained 4 of the 8 pounds he lost back. The Boost has been helping. So far he is still able to eat and had a cheeseburger today. I am sure that will not last long, but as long as he is eating I am happy.

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When I was trying to put weight back on I gravitated toward Haagen Dasz (sp?) ice cream. I'm not big on the sweet stuff but that went down real well.
I wound up eating so much of it that my blood sugar went up to prediabetic levels and my doc told me to give it up.
Even so, I like the sound of mint chocolate chip.

--Jim in Delaware

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I am proud to say as well i gained 8-lbs, someone at the store even said i looked like i had a tummy, so embarassed...lol...if i can get the phlem controlled and the trach out...It is a nice pic Sweet. Dennis

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Sweet, I'm so happy for you. You are always in my prayers and I hope you will continue to be able to eat. It is always great to hear good news in this network!!
Continue to take care and eat as much as possible and we look forward to the new picture you will post once you've gained weight, lol.
God Bless,

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Good for you Sweet! Mint chip ice cream! I can hardly wait for my turn lol! Getting sick of ensure & smoothies! Plus not hngry at all! You are giving me great incentive. Thank you!

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