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Stomach hasn't woke up

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My family is searching for advise. Our uncle, 67, was first diagnosed with pernicious anemia, then came surgery 4 weeks ago to remove 1/2 of his stomach due to polyps, one of which was stage 1 cancer with no further treatment advised at this time. He is being told his stomach has not "woke up" following surgery, probably due to damage from years of diabetes. He is in the hospital for the 4th time. A neuclear test was done today to watch how/if the stomach empties. We do not know that result just yet. There is talk from the doctor that he may have to live with a feeding tube.
My question: Do we take the advise of 1 gastroenterologist? If not, where do we turn? Where do we look for more advanced medical care? We are in Southwest Missouri, near Joplin. We have never been down this path before and we are scared.

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In my recent post, I'm not asking for names of doctors. I am just needing some thoughts on what to do next.

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Tina Blondek
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Hi Marg
Sorry you have to be here, but glad we can hopefully help you. I was a caregiver for my dad. He recently passed away in March from esophageal cancer which went to his liver. The tumor he had was at the end of his esophagus just above the opening of his stomach. I am a little stumped about your Uncle's situation. I would definitely suggest a second opinion. I am in Virginia, and know nothing about Missouri, but I am sure someone here on this board will reply and be able to help you. I would look for a cancer center that specializes in this type of cancer. A stomach cancer ongologist. You can also call your local American Cancer Society. They have a toll free number on this website's home page. A second opinion is in order. Good luck. Keep in touch. Peace.

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