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who was talking about juicing?

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I'm sorry but I don't remember in which post I read recently of juicing with carrots, spinach, apple juice etc..
She recommended a book too and was diagnosed a long time ago. Anybody know who or which post I'm thinking of? Do you all think this would be good for Jim?
April aka NANA

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Nana b
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That was 2bhealed, look on the third page or just search for her name. I juice too, stay away from white bread, and potatoes, and rice. Eat all the berries that I can, soy milk, greens.......

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Jucing is probably an excellent idea but since Jim is just starting to heal, make sure you don't upset his tummy. I think it was Donna that started out full force and ended up with an upset tummy and throwing up. Emily can probably give you some pointers to start out with and also, don't forget to check with his doc on the next visit and get his take on it. Emily can also give you some pointers on what juicers work best, least amount of clean up and the like. The good ones are not cheap so make sure you get the most bang for your buck. If she doesn't see this post, send her a pm she is the dictionary on juicing.

Take care - Tina

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Nana b
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Emily likes the champion and she says start greens slowly.

I would paste her last posts but I don't know how to put in those links.

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that would be 2bhealed
and the book is called beating cancer with nutrition.

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