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I wonder if it is really necessary for a doctor to make the decision on how long a cancer patient is going to live. I was told I had 70% chance of recovery and had about 12 months to live. I would like to know why doctors think they are God. As far as I am concerned only God knows when he will take me. Any comments??

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Dear Cowgirl,
As far as I know, no doctors make that decision, though they might try to give you a rough statistical estimate of how long you might have, this doesn't mean any doctor thinks he or she is god :) And of course, the statistics are most often wrong, because we aren't numbers, we are vital, living human beings who will react in very different ways to treatment, often beating any odds the doctors have in their heads.

I actually never asked my doctor, I didn't care to know what the numbers said :) Hoping for a great outcome for you. Don't listen to numbers, just forge ahead and get better!


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Dear staying calm, I love your username. Thank you so much for your comment it has made my day today. I have been so depressed about this cancer things that it has just about made me go crazy. I didn't care what the numbers said either but I guess this doctor thought I should know. I never even thought about the fact that we are all different and each of us response differently to treatment. I will forge ahead and beat this stupid cancer.



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turn your anger towards the cancer, not Dr

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A lot of times it is the patient/and/or the family who wants the time limits so perhaps some doctors just beat them to it. I agree that it is a bad idea; once that number gets in your brain it is hard to fight it.

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I agree that it is a bad idea to listen to any of the numbers or statistics. It is hard to get them out of our heads and I think can ultimately affect our ability to deal with this whole cancer buisness. Just remember that it is ultimately up to God when we check out. I was given 6-9 months, its been 4 almost 5 and I have only gotten better!

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They gave me 18 months in August 2001. SURPRISE! I'm still tipping along in good health.
Kick it! and keep moving forward!

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I find it hard to imagine that a Doc would offer any statistic without being asked and all he/she can do is predict to the best of their ability with the information that they have based on your questions - bottom line - don't listen even if you asked the question and did not get the response you wanted to hear - we are all possibly the one in one hundred that makes all the best predictions laughable - hang in and fight - we will be here with you all the way... - connie.

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I agree with stayingcalm, numbers where this disease is concerned are strictly for some sortr of referrence. The Docs can only go by passed experience and statistics, which dont apply the same to each of us. I have out lived 4 different prognosis on this and now I just kinda laugh as does my wife when they even bring up the idea of how long.
Truly, numbers work best when used in mathmatics or the sciences, but no one can tell you for any real certainty when. So Live, Love,Laugh, and Enjoy life, no one has a forsure on when, not even those not ill. So cherish today, and enjoy life, let tomorrow bring what it will because your living for today.

Our Prayers and Best Wishes to You, Your Family, and Everyone..,
Dan (cobra1122) and Margi Harmon

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