My Father has metastatic prostate cancer

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Hi I just joined this site today in hopes of helping my Father.

He was diagnosed with prostate cancer 7 yrs ago. It was treated initially and then it came back into his liver. He now has a tube thats draining the bile off of his liver.

The past 5 days he has had hiccups and extreme nausea.

Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions that could help him?


  • nymets1
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    Not a lot we can offer here. As you are aware prostate tumor(s) in any major organ has to be considered very serious. You did not mention a lot, particularly relating to how your Dad was treated and whether he ever received hormone ablation and/or chemo. The best advice I can give is work with the doctors. They will hopefully do whatever can be done at this juncture.

    I extend my best wishes to you and your Dad.