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Our heads are spinning

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Glenn and I met with his treatment team last Wednesday from 1pm to 430pm. We left there totally unable to process any more information.

He is TxN2M0 (unknown primary). Chemo is on the table but he's squarely in the middle of the algorythm that helps Drs. determine a treatment plan.
His nodes were cystic making it difficult for a size to be accurately determined. There was no extracapsular spread.

He's having dental surgery on Wednesday to, probably, remove all his teeth. He has gingivitis.

PEG tube gets inserted sometime in here also. I talked them into that but the Rad/Onc MD wanted it anyway.

He'll start radiation on June 1st. The Rad/Onc will be radiating all areas of neck and aerodigestive.

Lab failed to run the HPV test TWICE! Should have a result on that on Tuesday.

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I just want to let you know there are a lot of us here with Sinus Cancer and most of us are all now survivors, hang in there the road gets bumpy ahead but you will make it. Please keep posting and let us know how we can help.

All the best to you both

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had the same size tumor, the also called it a cyst, had surgery to remove the cyst, chemo and radation for 9 weeks, best thing he could do is have the feeding tube, I opted not to have it and that was a mistake! My prayers are with you......

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The pathology has come back positive for HPV16.

He sees the dentist today to make a plan for having any necessary dental surgery which will probaby take place tomorrow. They're on a time frame for June 1st start of radiation so they want to move right along.

I'm grateful the issue of the PEG tube has been settled. He'll have it put in sometime between now and 6/1. He's having all areas of the neck and aerodigestive tract treated with radiation so I know he's going to need it.

Many thanks to all who keep us in their prayers. That's where the real healing power is coming from.

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miccmill, we will ALL keep you and your family in our prayers. Welcome to the network.
God Bless,

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I am sending prayers. Stay strong and know that things will get better.

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Good luck with upcoming treatments. Positive attitude and support from family and friends is what got me thru. HPV is the most treatable from what I hear and smart move getting the PEG. Positive thoughts sent your way!

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