4 Year Battle - Colon Cancer that metastisized to liver and lungs.

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My wife, 51 years of age. She has been through many surgeries, colon, liver, lung and extensive chemo therapy. We've been told there are no more alternatives except potential clinical trials. If we are not battling the disease then we feel completely helpless... I located this site so I could speak to others who may have go down a similar path.
Most recently she has started to cough up blood, I assume this is hemoptysis. We are both scared... Is there someone out there who could shed some light on this.... Please


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    Coughing up blood
    It's sometimes a sign of infection, I think your wife should be looked at. Coughing up blood can be caused by pneumonia, which you don't want to mess around with.

    Also, has your wife been able to use any of the targeted drugs?

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