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Need info....

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My mother has not been diagnosed with cancer yet, but we are trying to get her into MD Anderson in Houston without any luck. She was told by her specialist that she needed to go to MD Anderson immediately. That was 2 months ago. My parents do not have insurance. We filled out the paper's for assistance and now they will not return her calls, or e-mails. When she does get to talk to a person, they say we are STILL looking at your paperwork. Anyway, I am wondering if anyone knows a faster way to be seen or a secret method that has to be used to be seen. Her condition is getting worse and I feel lost as to what to do. Any help that anyone could give would be deeply appreciated.

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I don't know of any secret. They typically want a referral from a local physician or oncologist. I was diagnosed there in 2005. I had a refferal from my oncologist because they could not find my primary. I had tonsil cancer. They found the primary and did my surgery.I returned to the Dallas area for treatment at Texas Oncology in Denton, TX.

I don't know where you live but a lot of M.D. Anderson protocols are used at the local facillities.Perhaps you could start local and then ask for a referral if you are not satisfied.

Best of luck with your mother and keep us posted.

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I don't know of any secret but I suggest you take your mother to your local Emergency Room, I am not a big fan of people doing this, bit this sounds like cancer. They must investigate the causes. Good luck

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I agree with denistd. I think you've waited long enough for someone to start the process through reasonable channels. I work in a hospital and wouldn't normally recommend this approach but like I said, you've waited long enough.

Next time you talk with someone at MD Anderson ask them to tell you exactly when they will have answers about the paperwork you've already submitted. Don't feel shy about trying to pin them down. They need to be accountable here. Too much time is going by.

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Welcome to CSN

I go to MD Anderson and they are good but they are also very expenses. Not having any insurance makes them kind of look in the other direction. What ever you do don’t give up keep calling them everyday if you need to, your Mother is worth it.

I am not sure if old Marvin Zenler is still on Eye witness new in Houston, if all else fails give him a call and see if he can help.

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