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Update and hospital stays

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Hi All,
We are at day 4 in the hospital. Dick is doing well. Today he walked for 30 minutes, doing laps around and around the floor. They said he should go home (to my parent's house) on Tuesday morning.
A few things I wanted to share about Dick's experience at USC. We have been very pleased with his care here. A few things stand out. First, he had a 3 hour pre-op appointment 2 days before surgery. He met with someone from the surgeon's team, anesthesia team, pain management team and surgery nurses team. Everyone was very thorough and answered all our questions. They gave Dick some preoperative skin preparation "Prep Check" pads to wipe his body down with the night before surgery. Then, he used some again before changing into his hospital gown. Then, they again cleaned him before surgery. They say that this protocal has been found to significantly reduce infection during surgery. I encourage anyone who is having surgery to inquire about these pads. Maybe everyone already is using them but if not I would get some on my own and use them.
Another thing that we are very pleased with is that the pain team is in from the very start. They met with us before surgery and came in twice a day to check on Dick. Also, they were available 24 hours a day if Dick needed something changed.
Also, the nurses worked in sets of 2 anytime anyone touched his pain meds. They had to double check each other and both sign.
We will keep you posted. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.


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I am glad you + Dick have had such a positive experience. I am sending warm thoughts for continued healing for Dick.

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Sounds like they took very good care of Dick and hopefully the plans will go forward on Tuesday. How long before you can return to Hawaii? I'm not familiar with surgery to remove the node but it sounds like a lot more than I thought. If he is moving, around, eating, and has his pain under control then it all sounds so good. Congrats. Will he have to undergo anymore treatment once he gets home?

Tell Dick hello from us and continued success in his recovery.

Take care - Tina and George

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If only they all were so careful! Sounds like he is in GREAT hands!

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I have surgery next month, and I'll check on the pads. I knew that I'd want to shower thoroughly the morning of surgery.

Glad that Dick is doing so well! Wishing him a continued uneventful recovery!

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Sounds like they're being very careful. Keep us posted on his progress!


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Yep, sounds as though there are waves and boards in his future again soon...Tell him to relax and enjoy the pampering , he will be at it again in no time having to do it on his own. Enjoy the pampering there Dick, it will soon be over then you'll have to pamper Kathleen.....Love to you both and the kids......Clift

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It certainly sounds like Dick is in great hands and I could not be happier that you are having a good experience there at USC. Keep us all posted on his progress. I agree that he will be surfing in the OC before you know it.

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that your hospital care has been exceptional. We nurses love to hear that things are going good for you. :)

Sounds like Dick is in good hands with an extraordinary team! YAY!! (about time)

Love and Hugs,


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Thanks for the update. I hope you are home to Hawaii soon!

Be well... Rob; in Vancouver

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So glad things went well for Dick. I had a similar prep prior to just having my port put in and out. The surgeon has about a zero infection rate.....it sure can make a difference.

It is great to have that pesky node out. Wishing Dick a speedy recovery and NEDness.


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I am glad to hear the good news, as Clift said, sounds like surf boarding is right around the corner. And here is to a professional, proficient, and caring staff, may we all encounter the same when/if it is neccessary!!

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Your support is priceless. Thank you. Dick walked 3 times yesterday, 30 minutes each time. I think I may get into shape if I keep up with him. :) They took his epidural out this morning so we will see how he does with the pills. He should go home tomorrow to my parents house. He should be back in Hawaii by the 28th, our 22nd anniversary.
I'll keep you posted.


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Hi Kathleen,

Glad to hear Dick's update and that he is doing so well. Happy 22nd anniversary, in advance!!! I know you'll both feel such relief when you are both back at home again.

God bless you this week,

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It sounds like all is going very well and the hospital care sounds fantastic! Good luck and my prayers are with you and Dick for a wonderful homecoming and anniversary!

Hugs from San Antonio!

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