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15 months

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Just got results from my 15 month scan last Monday. Bloodwork getting better (liver enzymes) and my scan was clear. My oncologist said that 2 years was a good marker so I look forward to that (hopefully clean scan) but that 14 months was the median for those that recur in the first 2 years. So, I keep taking one day at a time but I am very grateful and humbled to have had clean scans for 15 months given my original diagnosis.

I spent the weekend hosting our daughter's 4th birthday party and today we had my niece's bridal shower at our home. I have been blessed in many ways but the greatest blessing I have is my family and I treasure every day with them.

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I am so glad you have such good results!

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Thankful with you for your good results. Your story is amazing.

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Wishing you continued good news...

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good results, 4yr old party, what could be finer? :)

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we like to hear. Continued success in your remission. Don't pay attention to the statistics, they will only make your worry and be anxious. Just keep up your appointments and do everything they tell you to do and keep yourself as healthy as possible.

Take care - Tina

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Great News ! Thanks for sharing !! The birthday party and shower sound like fun. Enjoy the good times. Brenda

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Fantastic news! Wonderful that you were celebrating such great events with your family!
Keep the good news coming!


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Beautiful! I'm glad you continue to get good results.


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It was 2 years for my diagnosis 3/25/08 and will be 2 years post surgery 7/15/08...so far so good...glad to hear your doing so well also....Love to you and yours Clift

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You outlook on life is truly inspiring. You have the most beautiful picture of your daughter here and it is really a blessing to have our family. (Now I wish I had a third child). You have made it to the 15 month with clean scans! Fantastic.

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What an awesome weekend for you. Thanks for sharing your good news with us.

Be well... Rob; in Vancouver

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This is wonderful news- thank you for sharing it with us! :)


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So happy to hear your scan was clean and your liver is on the mend.

Have a great fun filled summer with the kids!


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You're heading for the first big marker with the liver - I'm 2.5 years out of the liver and so far so good...the more miles we can get out of this thing, the better:)

So glad your results were good - very heartwarming to read about your family life - that's what it's all about, sounds so very nice.

You are indeed blessed:)


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