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MRI results

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The good news is it isn't cancer. At least that is great news and something I was hoping for though they do not know what the two lumps are and one is probably in lymphnode. My CT scan raised some questions because of these increased grey areas they are finding though the area found in 2003 has decreased in size. There are other spots on brain but neurologist doesn't believe it to be MS and I will have to learn to walk like old people was his advice to me. I did get the MRI results sent to me and I hadn't read before neurologist appointment. I made it clear to him I had gotten no MRI results, they were sitting in my mailbox. This doctor did not address what the MRI found as far as lesions and differential diagnosis consists of demyelinating disease and ischemia both related to MS. I also found out that through MRI is how MS is found. I was pissed when I read all this after being told I was getting old and would have to walk carefully. I found this intersting when I fell down the stairs twice last week looking back to find my whole foot stuck on an upper step just not moving at my will.
I am grateful it isn't CANCER but still need to know what the lumps are. I am glad that there is some explanation for this leg dragging and dizziness. I actually come from an area in North America that has an extremely high MS rate. At least I am not over reacting and there are reasons for this not just aging. This whole process of going back to my cancer clinic for help has not been a good one. They think we are cured and really are not that interested in giving care because of their beliefs. It will be a cold day in hell now before I go back to this medical community as well as general medical community. At least I know in my soul I know my body and know when something is terribly wrong. This won't do well with being on stilts don't know what I will do, maybe career #5 who knows and I am tired of changing my life because something is the matter with me.
It is disheartening to find this out since I have had battle back from so much already and to think this is what I get for my 50th Birthday year. My symptoms have gotten 100% worse over the last 6 months so I am not excited to see what the future will bring.
Funny my oncologist doesn't think this is anything I should be told about and waiting for some answers is too long. I am done with this and will now get back to this things called living. I hope they can do something about the growing lump since it is causing me physical problems as well as more pain. I won't hold my breath for that one either.
Good news with not so good but liveable news...

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((((((((((((((((((Tara))))))))))))))))) just in case you haven't gotten one today. Sounds like you have been to hell and back. Take care and try to stay positive.


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Hugs are always needed it seems.
I guess I was just relieved to see changes were found and they were seeing things in the MRI. I think it would be even harder to deal with if there was no explanation which this doctor was going to leave me with. Funny I find comfort knowing that there is deterioration because I just know something is going on more than the menopause I have been handed the last 7 years. It had to take the whole foot dragging after two lumps grew quickly in my arm before, the fear, I had been ignoring signs and prayed that wasn't the case. I can be thankful and grateful for the small things and count on my feeling as my soul speaks to me.
Thanks Lil H

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