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Hi everybody,

I have finally decided to quit lurking and post. I was diagnosed with stomach cancer in January of this year. Had a feeding tube installed because of malnutrition and of course, my beloved port. I have had 3 cycles of cisplatin, 5-fu and leukovorin(sp) and have now started a 5 week treatment of 5-fu and taxol and radiation. My main concern is trying to figure out a way to gain weight. I currently weigh 90 lbs and try as I might, I cannot eat anything. Everything solid I put in my mouth, causes me intense gastric pain. I have morphine, which I thought maybe would help me eat, but it does not. I use a 2.0 cal formula and try to get in 4 cans a day, but now with having to go to radiation daily, I am only averaging about 2 cans daily and that is at night. I cannot run the darn pump any faster than 70cc and it takes forever. I'm just wondering if anyone has any high calorie recipes that they can suggest. I have a lot of stress and sometimes get so overwhelmed. I am 29 with two kids ages 2 and 6 months and have a lot on my plate. In my opinion, I did not have time for cancer, but apparently someone else had other plans.
Also, if anyone has any experience with Taxol, could you give me a heads up? The nurses gave me an informational sheet and said it could cause a reaction. I have a long list of meds that I am allergic to and am a bit leery of this drug for that reason. Sorry this post was so long, hopefully subsequent posts will be shorter. Thanks for taking time to read and respond.



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    Hi Amber,
    I am sorry to hear

    Hi Amber,
    I am sorry to hear about your cancer. My husband has only 1/4 of his stomach and unfortunately the tumor came back. He has a horrible time eating and when he does keeping it down. The doctor prescribed Reglin for stomach cramps due to Xeloda. Believe it or not it actually worked. I am not sure if I spelled it correctly. I fould through these boards a Carnation Instant Breakfast Lactose Free VHC with 560 calories an 8 oz can and 22.5 grams of protein. My husband is not too fond of the test and drinks it maybe 3 times a week. I ordered it through CVS and it is quite expensive ($60.00 for 24 cans) but you may be able to get it cheaper. You my want to check the Nestle Nutrition website and search for cancer nutrition. We checked with two oncologists before we gave it to him, they cleared it, if you can drink two of these cans a day it would be great. Let me know what you think. Good luck
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    Dear Amber,Sorry I can't
    Dear Amber,Sorry I can't answer many of your queries.My son seems to find a mix of soft cooked brown rice and yoghurt good.you could also try some baby cereal if it works.Keep up.You have a lot to look forward to.
    Love and good wishes Nisha