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6 month checkup results.........are in

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another Zero !

Now if I could just get my Sgt Johnson to stand at attention.........
I have tried all 3 drugs, no difference, I get a thicky, but not a woody......

any suggestions? I am thinking that I should consider changing women ! lol.


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Congratulations on the Zero.

I hope the ED situation improves.

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I would suggest injections... 2-3xs a week. I am at 10.5 weeks post surgery and been doing injections since week three with great results + orgasm...My surgeon. Dr. William Catalona and my Urologist both stressed injections 2-3 x's a week with 5mg Cialis daily as the best treatment with the highest results after surgery... At 3 months post surgery my URO is might change me to injections 2x's a week and increase my Cialis dosage to 10mg-20mg every other day....Anyway, my point here is that I have been able to have intercourse and orgasms every time I have injected and this is good for your self esteem if nothing else while we are waiting to heal...

The best to you in your journey

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Congrats on the 0. I have a 10 month post test coming up in June.
What time of day do you take the pills? I find they work best on an empty stomach. If I take them say 3 days in a row it keeps getting better. The last pill I took was Friday evening and I was still able to have success today on Sunday. It might be time to talk to the Doc about the pump or injections.


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