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Three is a charm? Going to start 3rd clinical trial

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After a good 4 month run on my 2nd clinical trial, the recent CT scan shows a mixed result. Most of the lung mets and lymph nodes are stable. Some of the liver mets did grow a little, some shrink a little. But my CEA shoot up a lot. So my onc think it is about time that I quit this trial and try something else.

She has a phase II open label trial that is recruiting. She thinks it is a better fit for me. It is considered a kind of gene therapy. It is very different from the standard chemo. For detail you can check http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct/show/NCT01105377

I will have to wait another 3 weeks before I can start this one. It is nice to have a small vacation away from chemo and treatments. I will keep you guys updated once the trial starts.


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I am glad you have alternatives after having such mediocre results from the last trial.

I was in the Navy and stationed in Keflavik iceland for three years. Any day it was sunny (ruled out 1/2 the year) and there was no wind, they gave everyone they day off. They called it sunshine liberty. It happened three times in the three years I was there, one year not at all.

I hope you can take a little time and enjoy some sunshine liberty during your chemo break.

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Enjoy your short break. Reading your history gives me so much hope for George and I thank you for that.

Take care - Tina

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Hi Peter, Your attitude is a great inspiration to me today! I just had a message from my new onc at UCSF who is suggesting that I begin a new trial program. We haven't talked yet, but I feel relief that we will at least do something other they wait! I hope you enjoy your break! I have been off chemo for about 3 mo. and am somewhat eager and anxious as we all know what happens when we do nothing for to long!! Have a wonderful and sunny day! Jean

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Thanks for keeping us posted. You show others the way in terms of going for it with clinical trials. Praying you get good results with shrinkage everywhere. (Let's go for it being gone.)


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I was wondering how you were doing. It is good to hear from you. Keep us posted. I hope that this trial has great results for you ! Enjoy your break. Brenda

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I am glad you have options. And I pray this trial works wonders for you and shrinks it all away.

Thanks for keeping us posted and your advice on clinical trials.

Take care.

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Best of luck with this new clinical trial, Peter. Thanks for showing us some of the possibilities out there.

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Three is my lucky number and I am hoping that it's yours as well. I wish for great things from this clinical trial and I admire your spirit.


Fight for my love
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Dear Peter,I have just read your blog.I was a little disappointed that this trial stoped working.But it is just like what you said before,as long as you still have options,and as long as the treatment is still going on,then you have hope.You have been in my prayers.I hope everything goes well and the next clinical trial is going to be a successful one.Good luck with it.Take care.

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Thank you for taking the time to PM us some info on clinical trials. We wish you all the best and lots of shrinkage.

Bless you...

Pam and Al

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Hi Peter,

I'm glad to hear you have another plan. I did just look up the trial link on the clinicaltrials.gov website and it said it was updated May 16,2010 and "this trial is not currently open for recruiting". Are you already signed up for it? I am wondering if that means it isn't taking anyone on yet or if it's already full.
Let us know, as I am always keeping my eye out for possible clinical trials to try in my future. Take care & hope this one will be a good one for you!


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Hi Lisa,

I have called my onc and gave her my OK to go ahead with the process. I am pretty sure here at Johns Hopkins they are accepting applications. May be the web site was not updated promptly.


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Thank you for keeping us up to date on your clinical trial journey. I hope this new trial works well for you.

Enjoy your chemo holiday. And thank you Peter, for your eager contribution to the growing knowledge base around cancer treatment!

Be well... Rob; in Vancouver

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I am glad there is another option rather than the standard chemotherapy. It sounds like a good one! Keep us posted and thank you for keeping us informed. I'll check out the link.

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I wish you good luck with the new trail i really hope it will kick the cancers butt.


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At the least, it will confuse the cancer to weaken it; hopefully, it will destroy it.....steve

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