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Home from the hospital

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Hi everyone! Well the VATS procedure was uneventful. It went just as anticipated. Textbook, I guess you could call it. There was a LOT of discomfort, mainly from the drains, just as I had been told. I have to say that I would not have volunteered for this experience, but if it was necessary, I am very glad that it was at Moffitt. Their facility and staff were absolutely outstanding. I spent 2 days in SCU, private room, caring nurses and no restrictions on how many visitors or using my cell phone. I was moved to a private room on Wed. evening and came home yesterday about 2:30. Had some bad times with the IV's but I suppose that just happens sometimes. Didn't help that I am completely IVphobic!!! I tried to OD myself with the dilaudid pain pump (available every 6 minutes) prior to the drain and catheter removals. I must have done a good job, because it did not hurt too bad. However, I came home and slept for 7 hours. I was completely stoned!!!
Dr. Robinson found that the pleural thickening was indeed squamous cell anal cancer. He also found 3 other "pinpoint" spots that were not visible on the PET scan. I have an appointment with him and the med/onc next Wednesday to discuss the probable treatment for this new development.
Thank you to all for your well wishes, thoughts and prayers. You are the most awesome group of supporters!!!
{{Hugs}} to all,

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Hi Joanne,

I am so glad your home, and found that the procedure wasn't too bad and uneventful, its great that you were able to control your pain management, I know I would want to be able to do that. I hope since the cancer was found so early that they will have a tx plan that will just demolish the cancer. I pray for the best possible tx plan. Lori

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So very thankful you are home! I'd have done the same thing with the pain pump (bet I'd have worn the thing out pushing the button repeatedly!!!) and am so sorry for the IVs and sticks - I'm just as phobic and know just how you felt. Also thankful you have such good Drs and care. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

Hugs! :),


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I'm glad to hear that you are now home and recovering in your own surroundings. It's great that you have control over your pain meds and I hope they are doing the job in controlling your pain and discomfort. I hope you have a restful few days before your appt. on Wednesday. Please let us know how that goes and the plan for your treatment. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


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Hmmm- I am glad it is over and you sound pretty much like yourself... I am glad you had good, warm, caring staff and you will get the treatment you need. Lungs scare me less than liver mets and you have conquered that! On with the next!

May you continue to find strength and my prayers continue.


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Glad VATS went so well - I can relate to the "garden hoses" they stick in you for drainage - ouch!

Upsetting that they found cancer in your pleura - I had hoped for a benign mass, but at least you caught it and a plan will be developed for you.

My 1st experience was benign and hoping upcoming #2 will be the same. Had slighly elevated CEAs but still thinking nothing to worry about, but we'll certainly find out.

Good to see you, just wanted to drop by and give you a hug.


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Hi Joanne

Been thinking about you! Isn't it great when the hospital experience is so nice? I had the same here in Portland at OHSU. Will be watching for your update and sending positive thoughts & prayers your way!

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