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Anyone with MMMT

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My friend was just diagnosed with MMMT Cancer, by surprise, what can I do to assist and help her get through Chemo with less side effects.

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I'm not sure what MMMT is.

Being there for them when they go through chemo is great, but it is tough on the caregiver too. Keep the doctors posted if there are too many side effects, but sometimes the patient will just have to endure them. Encourage drinking lots of water to keep hydrated. There will be times the patient is not too good about knowing if or when they took their meds.

I am a proud person that didn't need anyone to help me, but I had to learn my medical condition kept me from being able to some things. I accepted the help, swallowed some pride, and my life was made easier letting others help some.

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My mother has mmmt grade 3 stage 1 a year ago. Post operation and radiation she was fine for a while . Now the recent PET scan shows new growths and she us undergoing an operation soon. How can I help her and what should I expect 

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