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Met with surgeon yesterday - Surgery on Monday!

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Joined: May 2010

My husband and I met with my surgeon yesterday and after looking over everything carefully he determined that he can remove my 5cm mass which is very near my aorta. He will be removing the lower lobe of my left lung and taking a few nearby lymph nodes for testing. PET shows clear except for tumor but he feels testing the nodes is important for clear staging. I am staged at a 1b at this time but he says that could change depending on what they find.

He asked how soon I wanted to have surgery and I told him "I want this thing out of me" and that my twins are graduating from high school on June 17. He got on the phone and he got me booked for Monday! Hopefully I will be in shape for graduation, which could be wishful thinking.

I took the advice of so many of you and got a sedative prescribed for my anxiety which seems to pop up out of nowhere. Moments of joy, punctuated by pure terror!

I will keep you all posted on how I do,and will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers as you fight the fight along with me.

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Joined: Apr 2010

Saying a prayer for you and will keep you in my thoughts on Monday! Good luck :o)

PBJ Austin
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Joined: Mar 2009

I'm so glad they are getting you in right away. I lost my upper right lobe 8 months ago and it's no fun but there is healing. I wish you the speediest of recoveries and I'm betting you will make the graduation.

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Joined: Oct 2009

I will keep you in my prayers on Monday.

Posts: 28
Joined: Apr 2010

Will be keeping you in my prayers.


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Posts: 254
Joined: May 2010

Thanks to my "new family" for all the good thoughts, well wishes, and prayers. Today has been a good day!

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Good Luck and God Bless. I also had surgery my sons senior year. But came through it fine and we had a great graduation party.

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Best of luck on your operation and best wishes for a speedy recovery! My son graduates June 5th from high school so I know how bad you want to be there for your twins. We are concerned here about the outdoor weather and his grandparents who are not in the best of health but want to attend. We found by asking that the high school will make arrangements and accomodations for those that need it (preferential seating, special parking, even an air conditioned room with AV showing the graduation live on a big screen indoors if my husband's folks can't deal with the noontime sun (or the rowdy crowd!). So ask for what you need. I bet the doctor can even provide a temporary handicapped tag for your vehicle if walking to the site is going to be an issue. Mind you, I'm sure you will be up and walking well by then, but there's no need to tire yourself needlessly on a day you want to celebrate. Good luck!

C. Abbott

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Posts: 254
Joined: May 2010

There is a form to fill out for "handicapped" seating on the field. Never in a million years did I imagine I might be the one needing it. I will bite the bullet and request the "special" seating if I need it. Come heck or high water I will be there to see my young men graduate! Congratulations on your son's graduation as well. Many blessings to you and yours.

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i will say pray for u also i will keep u and youre family in my prays.my name is shirley martin ,iam from n.c i just found out in 9 11 2009 i had basal cell carcinima that mestaticed to lungs.it is a rare cancer ,basal cell carcinoma is a skin cancer and some how it went to my lungs.it is so rare only 300 case in the world since 1895.there is no drugs are treatment because it dont ever hardly mestatied to lungs it is a skin cancer..if u know any one else that has had this cancer let me know. god bless u and youre family its ok to be scared hang in their it just learning to live with cancer.shirley

mamacita5's picture
Posts: 254
Joined: May 2010

Thank you for your prayers on my behalf Shirley. I will remember you in mine as well. I would suggest you open a new topic in the discussion group with a heading mentioning, "Basal Cell Carcinoma w/ Mets to Lungs". See if that doesn't get some responses on this site. Have you googled it to see if anyone else out there is dealing with it right now?? Best of luck to you, and keep on fighting girl!

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Joined: May 2010

I will keep you in my prayers as well. We just went through this with my husband. By the grace of God, the power of prayers he is now CANCER-FREE! Hubby had his right lower and middle lobe removed over Christmas week 2009 and just finished his chemo regimen early April. April 30th he had his first scan and was clear.
God is great and prayer is awesome, so you have mine too.
Take care and God Bless

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