Upgrading of Gleason Scores After Prostatectomy

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I received the following on another forum, and thought it might be of interest to guys on this forum who are looking at treatment options .... Especially if one of the basis of your selection is a low Gleason Score (eg. 6).



Interesting study here evaluating 448 patients.

Almost 40% of Gleason 6 tumors on biopsy are Gleason 7 or higher on the pathology report of the prostate gland removal.

This makes me wonder, are the benefits of active surveilance worth the risk? The decision is a difficult one and certainly up to each individual.

The risks of ED and incontinence versus dying from Pca. It is impossible to know the after effects for each case.

So many men can feel empowered by the support and information offered here. Everyone should do careful research and not make decisions in haste.

We have no regrets in choosing surgery. At age 53 Mike's Gleason score was 7 both from the biospsy and the pathology report following surgery.

This was 33 months ago and things continue to improve each day.

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