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Anybody out there know about jaundice?

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I mean, I can go research, but was wondering if anyone's experiencing it here? My mom is in the end stage of her liver cancer(she tried chemo but became immune to treatment, and it was inoperable) and she's just starting to get it on her face...haven't checked else. Was just asking if anyone knew what to expect....

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Tina Blondek
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Hey Angel,
Yes I have had experience with jaundice. My dad had it with his mets to his liver. It will show up on the face, nose, look at the tops and palms of the hands, look at the whites of the eyes. They will all appear to have a yellow tint. Also check the color of her urine. Dad's was like iced tea. Yuck. It gets dark from blood being in it. This is something to be alarmed about. Her liver is not happy. It is not functioning well. Call the dr. She may also have a blocked bile duct, that is what my dad had. Good luck. This is the roller coaster ride of a lifetime!

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My dad recently passed away from liver cancer after only being diagnosed with it for 5 weeks. He got an infection after his first round of chemo which in the end caused his death. The last 2 days in Hospice, he was very jaundice in his eyes. His skin was not as bad, but his eyes were scary. My dads urine was also very dark. His skin really didn't turn real jaundice until 5-10 minutes after he died-which was weird. Good luck with everything, all I have to say is cancer sucks!

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