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how to prepare for a dim future?? :(

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Kerri Lynn
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I learned today that with my condition, (Retinoblastoma {rare childhood cancer} survivor-diagnosed at the age of 11 months, chemo & radiation, reconstructive surgeries after the loss of my right eye to the cancer/tumor) gives me a 54% of getting a second cancer, the highest chance being between the ages of 20-30. I am turning 20 in a week and it is just a very scary thought. I have gone through so much already, barely living out a decent childhood while fighting to just stay alive. My battle is not over until i say it is. I dont wish to think about it but isnt it best to know the facts so you know what to possibly prepare for? How do you prepare for a future with those facts? ohh the difficult lives with cancer being part :(

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Good morning,

Look at you how strong, how brave, and a beautiful young women you are. You have been through more than most and you are still here to talk about it. I'm sure that you have a very loving and supportive family standing along side of you. You can't look at the statistics since you have already beaten the odds. As a young women you have lots to do. Your probably have spent most of your life dealing with limitations and now as an adult these things stay in your mind alot longer than when you are younger. You need to try and enjoy each day to the fullest and remember than God is the only one who can make decisions on when you are to go and be with him. I feel that you have you have insight to just how terrible this disease is and sharing it with others is a good form of therapy. Don't dwell on the negative, just the positive. I agree with you regarding it is important to know the facts but how reliable are those facts? If you spend all your time dwelling on the facts you will miss out on life. Don't do that. Talk to others, get involved and try and make a difference.

Take Care

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