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A great Letter from Dr. Cummings about treatments for Stage 4

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Gang, I have a great letter for you to read. I'd written to Dr. Cummings in 2009 to tell him that a certain drug combo, carbo-taxol-xeloda seems to have cleaned out my liver. I did need the APR in the end, but who cares, my liver is still good.

PLEASE POST TO ANY SQUAMOUS CELL CANCER SITES LIKE THIS ONE. I also can be a resource (volunteer, self-taught) on the topic of my particular treatment. Please save this post even if you are doing fine now. `

From Dr. Cummings to me in 2009

Dear Ms Collins,

Thank you very much for this information. I am heartened to hear of your response to treatment. I shall add this management plan to my files – I have been surprised by how many patients and physicians have sent me information about successful treatment of metastatic anal cancer as a result of the editorial I wrote. The newer drugs, taxanes (for example, Paclitaxel) and platinum-analogues (for example, Carboplatin) have figured in several of these protocols and do suggest a way forward in this disease.

Once again, thank you. I wish you all the best for the future.

Yours sincerely,

Bernard Cummings

Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology,

Princess Margaret Hospital/University of Toronto .

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Hi Winnie,

Thank you for posting this information. Theres nothing like having a stage 4 anal cancer survivor that is cured from a specific tx protocol, to give inspiration to anal cancer patients at stage 4. Lori

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I will be taking this information with me to my appointment next week. I do not know what type of treatment they are going to be suggesting, but chemo has certainly been mentioned. As there is not a lot of info about highly successful "cocktails" for our cancer, if there is metastases, I will insist that they give this a look before I make any decisions.
Take care,

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Thanks for the info you shared and all the sharing that goes on here! I was up at our cancer center for CAT today and they were talking about how well patients are getting to know what is going on in the world beyond their own treatment centers. I am sure we will keep docs on their toes!
Bless you, Winni!

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