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Thymus Cancer

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Hi I'm a 65 year old lesbian who not only had breast cancer but also had Thymus cancer. It supposedly is rare It was discovered because of my breast cancer. So I guess ishould say there was one positive reason for having breast cancer.

They removed the mass in my chest as well as the Thymus Gland. Thank God We "middle aged" folks don't need it. My breast cancer was removed with the drug herceptin. So I'm Cancer free.

Just curious if anyone else out there has had Thymus cancer or knows any feed back about it.

Thanks, Woodstork44

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A friend of mine in her early 30's just recently had a scare, but her mass turned out to be Thymoma, not sure I have it spelled correctly. Her tumor was benign and was removed surgically through about a six inch incision. I googled it and found some really good information of different thymus cancers.

Hope you find what you need!!


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