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Funding for non-essential "entertainment" for cancer patient

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Hello all,
My very good friend, Tiffany, has had a relapse of Hodgins Lymphoma and one of her few requests is to acquire a new MacBook on which to entertain herself while undergoing much longer sessions of chemo and days in the hospital, not to mention weeks while having her stem cells harvested. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas about organizations that might help raise funds or offer discounts on this type of thing? It's obviously not essential to her treatment but as I'm sure people can relate, hours and days and weeks in the hospital get old quickly and her ancient and not-at-all-hygienic Mac needs to go. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, they would be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance,

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I dont know about organizations that would help, but you could do your own fundraising. I raised money for my treatements by having bake sales at work, my family all did a car-wash and washed cars for the neighbors. I didnt raise thousands of dollars, but if I remember correctly, I think I did close to $400 bucks. It helped.

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Tina Blondek
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Hi Nora,
What a sweet caring friend you are! I agree, you can do a few things for fund raising. Have a yard sale, car wash, bake sale. How about contacting your church or local churches to see if they could sponser a fund raiser. Hey, what the heck...contact MacBook, explain the situation, they might even donate one!

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Hey, it can't hurt to contact Apple. The might offer .you a discount anyway. I agree with the other suggestions here. Try fund raising. Get you friend's email address book. Send a email out to them asking for some help fund raising. I might add, I just got an iPad and love it. I don't have the one with 3G, but that would really keep your friend connected. You are a great friend. Best of luck fund raising. Fay

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It is interesting too that the CEO and founder of Apple (and Mac) is a survivor as well - pancreatic cancer - wish I knew who to contact for you - but I think if you could get through to them they would be sympathetic - good luck - connie.

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