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Unresectable pancreatic cancer

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My husband was diagnosed lat September with pancreatic cancer. A small tumor was found in the head of his pancreas and as it was sitting on the portal vein he was given radiation and chemo therapy to shrink the tumor in preparation for the whipple. 3 weeks ago today he underwent surgery. However they could not do the whipple as they found 2 cancerous lesions on his liver, which they removed. The surgeons have said that "typically pancreatic cancer patients have 1-2 years". He will have more chemo after he has fully recovered from his surgery and we plan to seek out holistic treatments in conjuction with his chemo. Has anyone out there had this happen to them? What are/were your treatment plans? How long can one really live with this cancer? Does anyone know? We are both terrified.


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Tina Blondek
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Hi Wendy,
Sorry you are going through this horrible journey with cancer. My dad passed away on March 9th, 2010 from ec with mets to the liver. All I can suggest is that you keep trying. Do not give up hope just yet. Take all of the treatments that are offered. You do not want to have that guilt of the should haves.
Everyone is different. Everyone reacts differently to the treatments. Please keep in touch. Sorry no one else has responded to you yet, I will pray that they will.

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Wendy: sorry to hear of your husband's diagnosis.
My father just died at the hands of this dreaded cancer on July 4th, 2011.

When he was first diagnosed over 10 months ago, his GI inserted a billiary stent to
stopped the jaundice. Then we rushed him to see a surgeon to evaluate if he
thought the tumor on the head of the pancreas was resectable. With both
a CAT scan and a PET scan, the surgeon gave the green light.

Unfortunately, the surgeon and his team aborted the Whipple mid way through
since the tumor was too far locally advanced (vascular migration and affected lymph nodes).
They found an alarmingly sized lymph node that was about the size of a dime.

So now my father has the full chevron incision and trauma from the Whipple but
no benefit. We were all devastated. It also got infected and for 3 months we dealt with
a draining and open wound. We finally got it healed...but what a tragedy.

It was a gamble going in and we lost.

Then several more senting procedures followed: replaced plastic billiary stent with metal
and duodenal stentings for blockages caused by tumor crowding. All the while he was getting his Gemzar chemo which we think helped a little but not sure.

My father was eventually confined to a liquid diet only and that bothered him. He therefore decided (against our wishes) to have a gastrojejunostomy. During the procedure he had a silent heart attack. That weakened him and then he started to get fluid buildup. After 2 paracentesis (that of which drained about 10 liters of cancer acites), he finally lost all of his drive. Morphine and other drugs eased his pain and suffering while hospice took over. Then he died with his family on July 4th, 2011 at 84 years old.


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I am truly sorry to hear about you husband's diagnosis and understand your fear. While I don't have pancreatic cancer with mets, I do have stage IV cholangiocarcinoma with mets to my liver and spine. My prognosis is also poor, but I don't look at myself as being typical. I was diagnosed last June after having few symptoms (weight loss and a swelling in my upper right abdomen). After a hospital visit due to an attack of pancreatitis (I was trying to gain weight and ate a high-cal/high-fat blue cheese hamburger called the Blue Devil which set my pancreas into fits), the attending physician told my sister to take me home and call hospice because I wasn't going to make it through the summer. Well, that was last year, and I'm doing better now than before my dignosis. With the support of my family, friends, and medical team I know we can beat this disease! I make sure I eat, sleep, don't stress, and take all of my supplements. I've just passed my one year anniversary, and the liver lesions have either decreased in size or remained the same. There is no evidence of new growth or metastasis, and the lesions on my spine remain stable. My surgeon stated just last week that I'm doing remarkably well, and his nurse in a separate conversaton said she could forsee me living a lot of years even though I'd never be cancer-free. I live my life like I don't have cancer, but treat my body like it does. I'm happy you're seeking holistic therapies to work in conjunction with the treatments. I believe my supplements have helped, as well as the positive thoughts and prayers I've received along this journey. Keep your chins up! I know some days are really hard, I have them also but they don't happen as often as they used to. I plan on living a lot of years watching my young sons grow and enjoying my grandchildren that will come later. Please keep us posted, you both will be in my thoughts and prayers!

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Hi I was wondering did you take enzymes also. Also what kind of supplements did you take.

My dad 75 recently has been diagnosed with unresectable pancreaic cancer. I am looking for support for him. Thank you. I will share your story to him.

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How's yiur husband now? My husband has pancreatic cancer with similar case as your husband's.

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