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Suggestons for gifts

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Don died on April 13th. That was the day after the oldest daughter's birthday so it's been a tough time for her. His son is the next child down and can get emotional about it, too. (We're not discussing the younger two girls here. They're not speaking to me and I seriously doubt if they miss Don in a real way. I think they miss the free meals and money. Sorry. Not kind, but probably not too far off the mark.)

With Father's Day coming up, I'd like to send the older two (41 and 39) something to make the day less sad. I don't think it needs to be something of their dad's. He didn't leave much and they've gotten momentoes already. Lisa seriously needs cash and Buzz always needs it. I thought maybe I'd send him his father's wallet with some money in it. Don't know about Lisa.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Tina Blondek
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Hey Ruthelizabeth,
I like the idea of sending Don's wallet with cash in it. He needs the money, and he will cherish the wallet. As for Lisa....a gift card to the local grocery store, beauty salon, bath and body works. These places are practical and very helpful to someone who probably does not spend too much timeor money on herself. How about signing the card from Dad in heaven? Well...maybe not...that is a tear jerker. Or....a cd of her favorite songs, include the song she and dad danced to at her wedding.(that is if she is married)

Just a few ideas hope this helps! I lost my dad on March 9th, so this will be my "first" Father's Day without him.

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I would send lisa and buzz something that will last many years, will always be there by their side, and offer love and happinesss; a dog

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Lisa is a cat person in an apartment and Buzz sleeps on other people's couches. Now I'd love a dog, but right now, I don't want to bring one into the target zone. And this may be a target zone for quite a while.

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