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Pancreatic Cancer

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Hello everyone:
I just found this board and I was reading some of the MM page. My stepfather has had Multiple Myeloma for 6 years. When he was first diagnosed he was given less than 6 months to live.
He tried several different chemo's and Velcade is what worked for him the best. It's lying dormant now and has for about 2 years.
However, last week he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. We don't know what stage yet, as his biopsy is being scheduled. But its a difficult thing at the moment. I can explain if I need too.
Do any of you know of anyone else who went through this as well?
His tumor is 4.4 cm and is squeezing the tube to the liver causing him to be jaundiced. He has lost a lot of weight from not being able to eat. The Dr.s do not think it is related to the MM or because of it.
But I'm looking for someone to talk and be a support with my mom and stepdad.
Any information would be appreciated.
Thank you

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Hi Jenn,

i came across your posting and was shocked...reason being my father had MM diagnosed about 10 years ago...only treatment was radiation...and just was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer...tell me what's going on...it might shed some light


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My husband has had MM for 5 years and was diagnosed with duodenal and bile duct cancer this month. He had the Whipple July 19. We are also curious about cancers coinciding with MM. The doctors have told us they do not think it related to the multiple myeloma. He is off the revlimid while he is recovering and is worried about the MM growing.
We did not get a lot of information and are struggling. He now has Type 1 diabetes from the surgery!
I am very disappointed in the communication about his new cancers. He was so positive about having the Whipple and the side effects are extreme. We have not been told the extent of the cancer, only told it had spread to the lymph nodes. Frustrating!
I would like to find more cases of multiple myeloma coinciding with other Whipple organs.

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