Metastatic Melanomia To The Lung Satge 4

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In March 2010 My dad found out he has stage 4 Metastatic Melanomia to the Lungs!!! They have Started him on Temodar 300 MG per night for 5 nights , he has completed his 1st weeks treatment and will now rest for 23 days till next treatment . He did not want to take the Chemo Pills due to he was feeling good had no pain from the melanomia . He had Triple Bypass and a valve replaced on March 4th of 2010 and that is when they found the Melanomia!!! My Question is: Is the Chemo Treatment of the Temodar in which is used for Brain Tumors , Has it worked for the Metastatic Melanomia To The Lung as well in the shrinking of the cancer or the cells !! He has done good on the 5 day treatment other than being really tired !!! He is a Fighter and said he was going to beat this ! He is a Strong willed Man he is a survivor of Larynax cancer and i truely believe He will beat this as well !! i also was woundering if the chemo is a better treatment or is the Gleevec treatment better for this type of cancer ? I have many Questions and am so over whelmed with all of this !!! I take care of My dad but he dose live in his own home and i go back and forth all the time !! So if anyone as any answers for me i would appreciate any information you have Thanks Linda in Mo