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The word remission is beautiful! CAT and PET scans show no signs of lymphoma so only 2 rounds of ICE chemo are needed. Now that I am done with ICE (which was well tolerated for me), I went to my transplant facility yesterday meeting with my specialist. Bone marrow biopsy, bloodwork, chest xray, urinalaysis, and an ekg were all performed. I am now in "the workup" part of my auto stem cell transplant. We are aiming at the second week of June to be admitted. 3 weeks in there and then 2 weeks at a local hotel (due to children at home and my home is 1 hour away). Soon, this will all be a memory. I pray one day I can say, "remember when I was so scared? All of the unknowns...well if I only knew what I did now!" My chances are 50/50 of being successful with this, but two things I have learned on this site.First, 50% is a BLESSING!! Secondly, give yourself credit for EVERY accomplishment and take it in small parts or its overwhelming. Most important thing for everyone to remember when they feel discouraged by this evil....God knows the plans He has for each one of You! TRUST IN THEM! He knows more then doctors and books and numbers! Blessings to everyone of you! Natalie


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    So happy for you
    You sound great Natalie! Best wishes as you continue your journey. Stay strong. You are right, soon it will all be a memory. Cathy
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    Great news!
    What wonderful results. I am so happy for you. You sound so happy and positive which will go a long way in dealing with the rest. You will do fine and you are right soon it will be a memory. I am in a similar spot just trying to get through whatever I need to in order to sustain my remission for as long as possible...would forever be too much to ask? LOL best of luck. Mary
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    So happy
    Natalie I am so happy for you and your good news. You responded well and you will respond well to your transplant. Keep trusting in God. I believe that is Jeramiah 29:11. Good luck to you. I hope all of us will be free of these curse. I just got a message that a Dr at the University of Texas has found something to help those will Follicular NHL. God bless you and your beautiful daughter. Joanie
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    I had an auto stem

    I had an auto stem cell in 02/09/09. I was diagnosed with NHL Follicular in 10/07. I had R-chop and finished in 02/08. In 06/08 my cancer transfered to aggressive Difuse large B cell. That is why I had the transplant. I have been in remission and feel great. it took me a year and a half to recover. I still get fatigued but it is tolerable. I am in my middle forties. My worst side effect is my eye lashes keep falling out. They told me I would be in hospital for 3 weeks. I ended up being released 13 days post transplant. I went home to my children. It was ok. They know about germs and keeping Mommy safe. best of luck! I went in with positive attitude and it sounds like you have a good grip. I will pray for you. Prayers and surrounding yourself with good people and help makes all the difference! Keep the Faith Jan