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Okay all you CSN people, she has just informed me that she has her own site now and is up and running, tells alot about EC. here is her website, www.ClubNEDwear.com i think most of you will like this site has things to buy and talks about EC


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Betty in Vegas
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Yup, we have several items that are EC specific...as it is our emphasis. And we have a section to educate on EC. I am hoping that we will be able to make a difference there. Hey, but I need some folks we can honor in the caregiver of the month section and I know so many on here are caregivers. I would love to have some of you mentioned there. :) Or ...maybe we could put say William up as one of our survivors?

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I think William & Loretta have helped more than all of us combined here on csn!!!! They are tireless in their commitment!

I also think that Mindy Mordecai from ECAN.org (Esophageal Cancer ACTION Network) should be considered at some time---got to her site---share with friends & read all the info there. Now that is a site that will make a difference in the future---to increase funding for research awareness etc.

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I agree with Kim - William as a survivor and Mindy as a caregiver -- and activist. That would be a great selection as you first month recognition. I went to the site and already have seen a couple of shirts I want to order . . . especially that miraculous glow is proton radiation since by dad is a nuclear physicist:) I will put a link to your site on facebook perhaps you should start a page their with links.

Thank you for doing this everything we do no matter how small to beat this cancer will make a difference,


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