Book Ideas?

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Now that my treatments are behind me (crossing fingers for a long time) I'm ready to re-think my nutritional side of building up my system/body. Last year I purchased a few good books on cancer and nutrition but thought I'd pick up a few more. Noticed the following ones are popular....any other recommendations?

1. Foods to Fight Cancer / Richard Beliveau
2. Anti-Cancer, A New Way of Life

I think I've got a good start on eating and exercising, but always open to more ideas. The best ammunition to fight cancer is a very strong and fit body & mind....

Any help from the experts here? Claudia I'm waiting for the book you should write...soon?

Enjoy the day!


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    More books
    If everything goes wrong Dr. Max Gerson: The Cancer Therapy

    Or Robert Morse: The Detox Miracle

    or any info about fasting