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fat replacement as part of breast reconstruction - anyone know of risks?

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Has anyone's plastic surgeon recommended fat replacement as part of breast reconstruction? I'm on my 3rd recontstructive surgery after a right breast mastectomy in September. All is going really well and I'm happy with the result - even happier that I had my first MRI last month with no evidence of disease :-) I had a tissue expander placed when I had the mastectomy and then had it removed during the second surgery and an implant placed. I'm petite and I didn't want to go bigger really so I'm a small B. I'm going in on Friday for a lift to the left breast (to even them out) and a nipple construction for the right breast. There is some flattening on the right on the outer side of the breast and the surgeon says he can round it out by inserting a tiny bit of fat in there that he can take from my outer thighs (liposuction). Anyone know the research re possible risks of recurrence or new cancer. I hear the animal research shows some risk, but the human research shows none. Anyone have any info?

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Try this link.You may find answers on there.I also posted this link for Dawn.Its amazing how much info you can gather off this site.So many women who have completed their exchange and will be happy to help with question about implants,fat grafting,nipple recon etc.


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thanks! - I'll check it out - it amazes me how many women are going through/have gone through this.

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I don't need this, but, find it interesting. Thanks for the link m-star!


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I know the Flap surgeries take fat from the body to build new breasts. I don't know how often it used for building other areas up around the breast. My PS mentioned to me on Monday that he could take fat from my belly and use it to give my reconstructed breasts a natural slope. I never knew this was possible. I don't know the answer to your question ... but would like an answer too!

Good to see you, posting, Sherik.


Christine Louise
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My plastic surgeon said he can fill in the node-removal pits in my armpits with fat. I didn't think to ask "from where?" Thanks for the thread and the info.

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I can't wait to learn more. so glad you asked the question!

Hugs, El

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I've been scouring the site that M-star posted above and I found a thread on fat grafts.

You may find it helpful. I did! Thanks again for posting that link, M-star.

Here it is: http://community.breastcancer.org/forum/44/topic/747737?page=3#idx_61

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There is currently no evidence that fat grafting increases or decreases the risk of breast cancer. In a recent communication, patients who underwent mastectomy and reconstruction were analyzed in two groups, those who had some fat grafting after their initial reconstruction, and those who did not. There was no difference in the rate of breast cancer recurrence over time in these two groups.
Although this early reports suggest there is no increased risk, long term prospective studies will be needed to clearly define the risk in breast reconstruction patients and in patients who undergo fat grafting for breast augmentation.

Dr Del vecchio

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i had the fat injections into one of my reconstructed breast. because of that reason.. he suctioned the fat from my stomach in injected my 14 times into my left breast... ugh, bruised really bad and very sore the first few days.. I also had my nipple reconstruction and port scar revision in the same surgery.. the fat injections and mini lipo was the only painful part of the 3 procedures.

as far as the recurrence from this procedure, don't know... be interested in what others have to say on the matter... Not really sure why this would cause a recurrence???

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