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Dencil 4 weeks post op.

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Hi Everyone...

Thought I would come over and post Dencil's progress...

He did have the radical prostectomy (open) surgery

last monday...
has had no problems..other than some pain for a few hours
right after surgery...
went to the dr today and had his staples removed and got his
test results back

Please excuse me but I am not too savy with all the technical
terms but this is basically what the dr said

No involvment in the lymph nodes
the ca was only in one side of the prostate
the ca was touching the inside wall of the prostate on that side
just in various spots, meaning that it was not solidly touching

the pathology report was a T2B

he said the ca was just beginning to invade the seminal vessels
within the prostate.

Over all he said he felt it was a good report..

I asked him about being able to pee right away after
the cathetar comes out next monday and he said his record
is that he has had 0% of patients who cant pee after cath. removal

All is going really well so far...thanks to the Good Lord!!~~~
Praise the Lord!!

Eva :-)

And how are all of you doing???

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Evagirl, So glad to hear the good report on Dencil. It sounds like you/he made the right choice in getting the cancer out. I asked my doc why they take out the seminal vessels (Mine were clean) and he said they act as an escape route for the cancer to get to other areas of the body. Since they were 'just beginning to invade' shows it was caught in time. Keep us posted on the cath removal. I have my 10 month PSA Test coming up in June.


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Hi Larry

Thanks for responding

I remember when I was on here several months ago trying
to get info to make the right treatment decision..you were
very helpful and friendly and if I remember right you had
pretty succesful surgery and recovery....

How has your PSA been so far?

we will be waiting for our first PSA after surgery...
Yes , I was thinking that for my hub...he just got
this done in time...

thanks for the info on the seminal vessels, I did not
know that, but it makes sense and that is probably why
the dr made note of that to us...

Keep us posted on your PSA score


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Your memory is excellent. Had great surgery results and recovery. So far my PSA tests have been scoring as 0. They check mine a little more frequent since I did have a positive margin which means the cancer cells were seen at the very edge of the prostate when pathology tested it. When I got my first 0 test score after surgery my wife and I both cried 'tears of joy' and then we went out to eat to celebrate being cancer free.


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Sounds like all went well and most important is that you guys sound pleased with the results. We will wait to hear about the cath removal and his progression…God bless

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Hi Everyone

Just an Update:

Dencil continues to do well 4 weeks post op radical prostate removal

(open surgery) He had one wet incident the second night after cath

removal. But nothing since then...He is walking 2-3 miles a day...

and is looking very well...His friends are amazed~

He is going back in 2 wks for a check up and that time dr will address

the sexual side of it... I am happy at this point....anything else is

frosting as far as I am concerned...I know that men may have a different

view...no matter their age...

Hope all of you are well and continuing to improve



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Good to hear that your hubby is doing so well after his surgery. I am guessing that his walking every day is helping his healing. I tried to walk as much as possible after my surgery and it seemed to really speed up the healing. That is great that he only had one wet incident after his cath was removed. Good luck with the Dr. checkup in a few weeks.


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Thanks Terry~~~!!~~~

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