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Dealing with your emotions, lots of anxiety

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I'm Claudia, I have stage 4 lung cancer with mets to the spine and ribs. I've been having chemo for 2 months and they did some radiation for pain control (which helped so much). At first I thought I was doing ok with my emotions and dealing with this diagnosis but in the last week I feel like I'm falling apart emotionally. I also have anxiety disorder and it's really acting up badly this week.

I don't know what has caused the change in my emotions other than the doctor scheduling a CT scan to see if chemo is working, although with anxiety disorder anything can cause it to act up at times.

How are all of you handling your emotions? Do you take meds for it? Counseling? How do you get by day by day? How do you stay positive and keep sane?

PBJ Austin
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Welcome to our community, you've come to the right place.

I think we all understand exactly what it's like to get such news about either ourselves or a loved one. We have a lot of questions like this, it happens to just about everyone upon hearing a cancer diagnosis.

I invite you to click on one of your most recent threads on this subject, posted by mamacita. I think this thread has a lot of helpful info for you. If you prefer you may click this link and it will take you directly to that thread.


I wish you and everyone on this board the very best and we are always here to answer your questions. Please stay with us, you will hear a lot of postive news and survival stories. This is what helps keep me sane in dealing with my sister's cancer diagnosis, as well as my own cancer misdiagnosis.

PBJ Austin
Posts: 347
Joined: Mar 2009

Well sorry, the link to mamacita's thread doesn't appear to work. You can copy and paste it, or just look for a thread entitled "Just Diagnosed with Cancer."

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