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Kidney PNET

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Does anyone know about Kidney PNET? I had radical left nephrectomy 5 weeks ago, recovery very slow and painful. Is this normal? What is prognosis if surgeon says he "got it all"? Thanks!

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I'd never heard of kidney pnet but did google it. It's a pretty rare tumor and I'd recommend that you research it further. As for 'slow recovery' - your body has just had a major shock! Removal of a kidney is huge! I had a radical nephrectomy nearly 9 years ago and I can still remember my urologist telling me that it could take up to a year before I felt 'normal' again. Everyone recovers at a different pace. I felt awful for the first 3-4 weeks - lots of pain - couldn't sleep lying down. Then, gradually regained a little strength and after about 8 weeks felt reasonably ok.

Remember to have your regular followup - it is so important with kidney cancer!

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A friend, 48 years old, had surgery for what they thought was kidney cancer 3 weeks ago. He lives in San Francisco. The cat scan showed it large and on one kidney which they removed. After weeks of pathology we found out today they believe it is PNET and not kidney cancer. I've researched the web and see it's very rare in adults so unfortunately can't offer any insights at this time but will keep you posted should I hear.

If anyone has any information they can share it would be greatly appreciated.

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