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squamous cell carcinoma of the lower lip

Anonymous user (not verified)

Hi Everyone,
I've just been diagnosed with early stage squamous cell carcinoma of my right lower lip as of May 3, 2010. They are recommending Moh's surgery. The Moh's surgeon will need to take about 1/2 of my lip, maybe more depending on what they see under the microscope. He described a vertical incision to remove just the tumorous area on the right side verses a whole lip shave (or vermillionectomy) because my entire lower lip is pre-cancerous. The left side had been having trouble with sores that wouldn't heal two years ago and was biopsed three different times, but it did not show any cancer at that time. After the removal of the whole lip they would then do a lip flap advancement, whereby they dissect the tissue on the inside of the lower lip and pull it forward or advance it, then stitch it to the border of my lower lip. This will result in a scar that runs horizontal along the lip edge. He also said if they did just the right side, he may need to do a vermillionectomy anyway. The Moh's surgeon is very experienced with cancer on the lip; they do about 300 cases a year! I live in S. Florida. I will meet with the plastic surgeon to discuss the operation more and to see what type of reconstruction will be best. If any one has any experience or thoughts that would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey there, I have just been thru this. Diagnosed March 3 this yr and had my surgery (1st) on April 16 then second on April 30. First surgery removed my entire lower lip and all the cancer. At that time, they sewed my tongue to my lower lip. On April 30th, they cut a portion of my lip loose and folded it to form my new lip. It looks awesome. You can see pics of my entire process (before and after pics) and pics of me just after both surgeries as well as several weeks later. The pics are on my facebook under Becky Johnston. Please go and take a look. You need to do that for you. Most of the pics on the internet are just too scarey for words. You can do this. I would love to answer any questions you might have. Call me if you want. I am in Ohio. 740-423-1301. I had the most awesome Dr. at Ohio State James Cancer Center. Please I am so serious about being here to talk to....I wish I would have had someone. Big hugs to you and remember you aren't alone.

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Hello Becky,

I am going through this right now and quite fearful of what I'll look like after they remove my bottom lip. I tried to find you on Facebook but could not. There are several Becky Johnstons. What state do you live in? Perhaps that will help me to narrow the search.

My name (in Facebook) is Terri van de Sande in San Jose California.


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just had my lower lip scraped and burned for squamous cell and am now waiting to see if they got it all. so scary since i already have non-hodgkins lymphoma for the last year and a half. now wondering why my chemo treatments for non-hodgkins did'nt knock it out. has anyone else gotten a second cancer alond with non hodgkins? good luck to everyone.

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