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does the hurt ever just go away

reigh of sunshine
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the date of my mom's death was just last friday May 7. I lost her when i was only eight years old it was 16 years ago and yet this week it has felt as though it just happend. I havent felt like this in years, so alone in this world. I know im not the only one that feels like this but today on mothers day when i dont have a mother i just feel alone. does it ever just go away? that feeling like someone has reached into your chest and shattered your heart.

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I don't think the hurt does go away. Would we really want it to? I think it becomes a part of us and who we are. I am a lot older than you and have been blessed with many wonderful people in my life. Each has left something of themselves in my heart. We do need to learn ways to turn the sadness into good memories and to adapt to our ever changing normal. I am still working on that where the loss of my husband is concerned. I lost one of my grandfathers when I was 9. I still miss him. I remember that he listened to me even though I was the youngest member of the family. I think that helped me become a grown up who tries to truely listen to children. Our lives are a journey with many twists and turns. I hope you will always remember your mother on Mothers' Day. She is a part of you. Fay

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MY dad died when I was 19 (car accident though) 32 yrs ago..and my mom 4 yrs ago..i still think of each one daily..with love

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My friend they tell you that every day that goes by is supposed to better than the day before. But they don't know until they have been through it themselves. Missing someone is the absolute worst feeling in the world and I am not here to tell what is and what isn't I'm just here to let you know you are not alone my friend.

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You nailed it words could not have been more true! The Angels called my mom this exact day November 14,2010 at 9:41pm. This is very difficult and an adjustment, it's like having a baby and your life changes forever. When you loose a loved one man Since My mom passed My life changed istantly. May God Bless and contunie to comfort us!

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we just can handle it better i think. My dad died when I was 19 and my mom 4 yrs ago..I still can get really choked up and this month will be 33 yrs for my dad..I just use my little alone time in my car...

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My grandma died in June of 2007 of cancer. People would tell me all the time that it will get better year after year but if that were true I wouldn't be finding myself crying on the anniversary of her death or when I hear her favorite song..POD: Youth of a Nation. I find myself crying over her more than I should. But there is one thing I have learned and was told from someone: "It's OKAY to cry"! I miss her with each passing day. Last Tuesday, June 07, marked the 4th year anniversary of her death. I still feel the pain!!!

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I lost my mom in 1989 & my dad in 1990 both from cancer. The pain was unbearable because I lost them so close together. Last year in March, I lost the love of my life who I had been married to for 46 years. That pain was so horrible & it still hurts because he suffered a horrible death and it was from one of the chemos that was supposed to help him. But he had a RARE side effect & that was it. I almost collapsed & had to go for counseling & was on meds for 10 months. It still hurts on holidays, anniversaries & birthdays & of course Fathers day was hard for me also. But the pain is less & I know I will never forget but life does go on. I have 3 wonderful kids, 2 great daughter-in-laws & 3 wonderful grandsons, so they help me move on. Just remember your mom and the happy times.

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I lost my mum just in April and I mainly feel happy but if i do feel hurt and sad it lasts for ever. I always cry at night and whenever I am alone. The hurt never goes away, I will never forgive God for ruining my life but I know that she is in a better place.

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