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Care to Share Liver Cancer Web Links??

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I know there are tons more out there but here’s a few I’ve found useful over the past couple months. The below are specific to primary liver cancer which is what I have, but I’m sure on the main pages to some of these sites they have info on other cancers.

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Chinese & Western treatment

Look up clinical Trials available

Support Local & Online

Latest News
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((What I deciphered from all the diets I’ve read is basically eat healthy! Reduce animal proteins as much as possible especially red meats, lower sugars, lower salt. Eat plenty of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, whole grains, etc….I’ve read a bunch of diets and I’m going with the balanced healthy approached not the habenaro, garlic and butter diet or raw diet (I tried it and made it three days) but I feel the best on a balanced right now. They say organic is best but you’ll go broke trying to go all organic…))

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Hi Mike!

I'm just checking in to see how you're doing, and since I'm new to this, I'm not sure how to check in! So I found one of your postings and here I am!

My brother is going to MD Anderson, just found out today. It will take a few days to make all the arrangements, as we travel from Southern Oregon, but looking forward to moving ahead...

He's been taking a new chemo cocktail, a more agressive type, and he's been pretty sick the past week...

How ARE you? You and your family are in my prayers. I thank you for all the information you've posted...

Oh, by the way, I have a second brother in California that has lung cancer -- he's been battling it since October '09. We found out last week that the cancer, in remission in his lung, had metasticized to his brain. He went into Stanford yesterday for "cyberknife" brain surgery -- and they got the tumor out in ONE treatment! It's amazing! Anyhow, he's not out of the woods yet, he's very sick w/pneumonia that won't go away. Both my brothers are younger than me, in their late 50's...but with all of the new advances, we are very encouraged.

Hope you're doing well...

Take care!

Sandy :)

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Hi Sandy,

Nice to hear from you. I'm sure your brother will get great care at MD! God bless him and your whole family. Seems you've been down this road before with your other brother.

I'm doing pretty well or as well as can be I guess mentally and physically. I've been traveling for work every other week then work from a home office the other two and keeping myself busy on the weekends. I've even recently starting riding the bike at the hotels when I'm on the road. I managed to pump out 40mins (only level 6 @ 75rpm's) on the cardio program 2-3 times a week. So I've been pretty happy about that. Sometimes I think my mind is bigger than my body on what I can do or still wants to think its in pre-cancer form...kind of like eyes bigger than stomach with eating..haha but I keep trying to push myself. I'm trying to work up to 5 days a week but some nights I just feel like lounging out. haha

I havent figured this site all out yet either but must admit I really havent looked at much other than the message boards.

Good Vibes to you and your Brothers we are going to beat this Sh@t!!!

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