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Now Dad has a nasty Staph infection

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my dad was diagnosed in mid april with lung cancer with 3 mets to the brain. the spot on his lung could not be biopsied because of the close proximity to his heart. he had to go back to the hospital last week because his incision started leaking spinal fluid. they repaired it and now he has a nasty staph infection. i have to administer vancomycin twice daily for the next two weeks.

he has his radiation consultation this coming Tuesday. they want him to have 10 treatments and he has to take Temodar during treatment and then 5 days a month for 6 months afterward. i am hoping they can give me a clearer picture then....what stage, his prognosis and so on.

i am a 39 year old only child...me, my husband and son live with my Dad and he is just MAD AT THE WORLD!

now the staph is freaking me out.....can my son catch that???

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