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three questions: literature says that should not inject more than every other day, is this being overly cautious, can you safely inject a couple times a day over a two or three day period

My first injection was administerd in the MD office, he gave me 10 whatever, about half the shringe, did not apply a tournaquit to the base, and within 5 minutes I was rock hard and it lasted for three hours. The question is, should I climax will i lose my erection as normally occurs or will it last for the full time

when i climax, i spurt some urine, any way to curtail this other than voiding before sessions


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    Inject what? Trimix, Bimix, Caverject??

    My doc said I could inject trimix twice a week for penile rehab and sex.

    I do not loose an erection with an orgasm.

    I don't have the urine problem ... some guys who have had the problem seem to get better with time ... for others it seems to be a continuing issue.

    Suggest ou may want to read Dr. Mulhall's book, "Saving Your sex Life", it was a big help for me.
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    Injections Precautions
    Prolonged erections are potentially serious. It could lead to serious complications
    by cutting off oxygen to penile tissue. Erections lasting over 2 hours may lead to
    scarring and eventually Peyronie's disease. Overdoing injections, more than twice
    a week, is looking for trouble.
    Sounds as if your first injection was much too strong. I started off with 0.75 ml,
    moving up very gradually.