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Hello everyone!
I just had an Orchiectomy two days ago. It was a dual where they took both of my testicles and I was just wondering if any of you had ever had this procedure? My legs are real sore but my overall pain is not to bad. Any advice I can get would be very much appreciated. God Bless everyone and please let me hear back from some of yall.

Craig Moore

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On March 15, 2010, I took the road less traveled and underwent bi-lateral Orchiectomy surgery. Everything went smoothly; I was in and out of the hospital, had lunch with my wife, went to the bank, dry cleaners, and library and was back home within 5 hours. Only needed two pain pills thereafter. I have not experienced further discomfort and two follow-up visits with my surgical Urologist showed full recovery.

Some background: I am 71, a former Navy fighter pilot, happily married for 40 years, a retired corporate executive and in reasonably good health. At 6’1”, I’m slightly overweight at 190 and have late onset (2006) diabetes and hypertension, both successfully controlled by oral medication. My last two full blood panel work-ups, including A1C, were within normal parameters. We live in comfortable circumstances and I have numerous outside interests.

Since the Orchiectomy, the Good and the Bad: The Good - very strong urine stream and NO bathroom breaks during the night. The Bad - I’m experiencing frequent hot flashes - 15-30 daily. They arrive without notice but usually subside in 3-4 minutes. Hot flashes are often followed by pronounced chills as my body strives for correct internal temperature conrol; much taking shirt/sheet off then putting it back on. No other so-called typical post-orchiectomy side-effects noted, such as weight gain, breast tenderness, loss of muscle mass, etc.

I know to (1) possibly expect other side-effects at some point and (2) that I need to start an intermittent triple hormonal blockade program in the September 2010 time-frame IF I can find a competent medical oncologist in our area (has to specialize in Oncology and be Board Certified in Internal Medicine.)

In any case, I do hope this helps others who are faced with the agonizing treatment decision making process re: chemical (Casodex/Lupron) castration versus surgical castration. My age and quality of life goals were determining factors for this important step.


p.s. If anyone has recommendations for reducing/eliminating hot flashes, please post.

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I am considering having this done soon as my psa is now 150 and I have a lot of pain. Trying to get to the Mayo Clinic to deal with the severe pain but not sure they will take me. If not I can get something done locally. Life is good other than this pain, still trying to work and still playing golf this pm. The pain is the worst when I sit around and do nothing. Movement and exercise makes it feel better until I stop and then it is back. Weird stuff this cancer and frustrating too.

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I have a lot of interest in the avenue you have taken and in many ways you have proven that there is no real way of knowing whether hormone ablation extends lives in many men. That being said, I am glad to see that you are not consideing taking this all the way. There is a definite point where one needs to consider taking some action.

What I want to say is you have avoided hormone ablation for reasons that you have made clear throughout the years. You may still be able to get relief for your pain and some control for your PCa using DES or estrodial patches. The estrogen has less morbidity than ochiotomy, Lupron, etc and it has been documented that it is useful even for hormonal-independant PCa. However, you need to be in otherwise good health and you need to be closely monitored by your oncologist. Please read Dr Snuffy Myers book: Beating Prostate Cancer-Hormonal Therapy and Diet.

Best wishes
nymets1 (Joey G)

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