5th day post-op and still in a world of hurt

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Funny, I have a high tolerance for pain and do not complain.. but I gotta tell you this one has been rough. Most of site is much better and 4 of the 5 surgical openings are fine. However, 1 is an area under my rib cage that hurts like heck and now has a huge black and blue that just showed up in the past coule of days? This morning, I even had a little difficulty breathing and sharp pains when coughing.. Better after some excercise. Spoke to my Doc and he said I should be OK.. but if breathing continues to be an issue go to ER. Wondering if anyone else experience this much discomfort while keeping in mind that my surgery was longer and more complex than most due to extensive scarring from a surgery of 35 years ago.

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    I would agree about seeing the Dr if you have breathing or chest pains.

    However, for coughing and sneezing, those may hurt (an easy 10 on a scale of 10) for months (at least in my case they did).
    The best practice is to keep a pillow nearby - at the start of a coughing session or the thought of a sneeze coming on, hug it tight to your stomach and chest. It really does help a lot.

    From my Drs. orders, 5 days out is much too early for exercise other than walking. I was on a 5 pound lift limit for two months, then 10 for another month. Upper torso exercises might pull sutures, and were not allowed until 5 months out.

    I had some serious pain meds, but used just a few. However they were mainly in the first 15 days after.

    (DaVinci 10/09)
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    With my DeVinci 6 incisions
    With my DeVinci 6 incisions were made. The highest one was from my belly button and up 1 inch. Scaring may have forced the doc to go higher on you. some of us who have had herina repair done have that mesh screen in place- at least I do- and the doc had to avoid that mesh. Otherwise, the incisions themselves were no problem. The cath was very uncomfortable, but that was about it.

    I wish you well, Frank. As you are finding out, just because it's robotic doens't mean it is easy.