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Off to see the CR surgeon "Wizard"…

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Well this is (hopefully) the last weekend with my colostomy….I am off to “Oz” on Wednesday – (colonoscopy) – then Thursday – (reversal)…..so hopefully all the munchkins (internal organs) will be willing to work with me – and the reversal will go with out any wicked witches around!

Alittle nervous...and really don't want to be in the hospital for 5-7 days....hate being away from my children and I do love "home sweet home!"

I am 9 weeks post folfox...and I am really feeling good...now just the pre-gitters are with me this weekend!

Hope all of you have a very special Mother's Day tomorrow and spend quality time with your families!

Thank you again for being my extended family - we will make it thur

cool video - done by one of my friends...


There wasn't supposed to be CANCER in my fairy tale... research, research, research!

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who hopefully made my tumor and its tentacles vanish forever as well as created a new, permanent oriface thru which my waste can pass. Wishing the best of results on your reversal.....steve

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Good luck with the reversal! My ileostomy was reversed in Sept and went fine, 2 days in the hospital only.

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Good Luck. I know how you feel about being away from the kids. I hate every time I have to be away from my daughter because of treatments.


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Praying it all goes fabulously for you.


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Hoping that all goes well with the reversal. Wishing a very speedy recovery. You will do just fine. Let us know when you are home and feeling better.


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Ho Ho Ho!

Well, Michelle...it's your time now - hope yours goes splendidly. Be prepared to take some time though - plug & play does not always happen immediately. Once you re-route the plumbing, things take time to re-learn, so just be patient and remember that this is what you worked so hard for - to be reversed. And now, you're right there at the summit. Could not be more proud for you.

I'll be thinking about you and hoping the surgery is a success:)

Thanks for the reminder - got you on my calendar now.

-Santa Craig

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I'll whisper a prayer for you!

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Thanks for the video. Inspiration for my day.

I hope all goes well along the "yellow brick road". The scariest things are those flying monkeys! You are not likely to meet any of them.

Safe Travels... Rob; in Vancouver

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Flying Monkeys???? always a possibilty if the anesthesia is reaaalllly good! LOL Good luck again!

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Thanks to each of you and your posts! I have been quite busy the past few days - getting all in order while "mom" is away...and now drinking the "PunCh"...golyte...YUCK!at least I am not throwing it up this time - guess there is not a blockage this time...YIPEE!!! Got my labs back today - and 9 weeks post chemo...they are looking quite good! WBC are still not normal - 2.9...but CEA level is 0.8!
Will post when I return from the land of OZ..

again, thank you for the prayers and good luck wishes...I hope to find my ruby slippers and tap the heels together "there's no place like home"....

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I am thinking of you and hoping for an "easy" colonscopy on Wednesday (but really, all the "fun" is the day before, right?) and for an un-eventful and successful surgery on Thursday.


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