Cayenne pepper research on prostate cancer

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I wanted to share some of this research with all who are concerned about prostate cancer or other forms of cancer for that matter.

Multiple research articles have been published by credible sources such as the American Association of Cancer Research and others showing that the active component found in hot peppers, capsaicin, attacks cancer cells and causes them to undergo aptosis. In other words, makes cancer cells self destruct. In one study it showed that up to 80% of the prostate cancer cells in mice were killed by using capsaicin. It also drastically curtailed the progression of tumors that were not killed.

There are many many articles out there showing how hot peppers, the hotter the better, can destroy many types of cancer. There is also tons of anecdotal evidence showing positive results from people who have tried it.

I think it is worth some research on your own if you or anyone you know is fighting cancer. Here is one link from an AACR study: Research into Capsaicin.pdf

Feel free to contact me with any questions you my have.