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Surgery shows spread of UPSC

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This is my worse fear and many have talked about it already - recurrence. Pathology showed endometrial cancer in my lymph node that was removed Thurs. I requested functional profile/assay before surgery and I don't know if this got done yet. Who knows maybe it's really not a recurrence since this area lit up on the PET after I completed treatment last year. Maybe it has been lurking since and it just stayed put!!

Funny thing, a CA125 done just before surgery showed a drop from 41-31. I don't think this is a reliable marker for me.

I see the gyn/onc on Monday do discuss options. I meantime I'm practicing the Claudia Anti-Cancer Diet. She really is an expert in this and has had wonderful results. I went to a homeopathic doctor last week who reiterated all that Claudia told us here. I am implementing the protocol from the Budwig research - 2 T flax oil + 1/2 c. cottage cheese (or 1 cup yogurt). He also mentioned the p53 gene and said that selenium helps to activate it so it can fight cancer.

It's a bummer - I'll keep you posted. Mary Ann

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Bummer!! I will be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. Here's hoping the Claudia Anti-Cancer Diet helps. Sending you positive energy. Norma

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to Budwig diet I put even half coffee grinder of flax seeds. after mixing oil with yogurt for some time I add mashed banana (lots of potassium) and cinnamon.

My suggestion stop using table salt or any salt and start using juicer a lot.

Now I am thinking, I will try the Budwig protocol with turmeric, omit banana and do it this way. I will let you know about the taste.

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Mary Ann,

So saddened by this recurrance. Just never able to grasp hearing this so know it's rough for you today.

Funny you should mention the Budwig mix as I was using that for a while, but for some reason stopped. Might be an excellent idea.

When you speak about Claudia are you meaning the Claudia on this site with so much "natural" homeopathic ideas? Where is it listed about her diet suggestion besides going thru all the postings.

You exercise too? Think you are, but if can get the juices flowing and the mind-altering breathing. Anything to calm the mind and body!

I'll keep you in my prayers and hope you keep smiling as you're a special person!

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I was planning for breakfast watermelon, but did budwig mix with turmeric, pepper and garlic. Somewhere on cz.webs I red about mixing cottage cheese with champagne, so that would be my next try.

If this will ever happened to me, I would asked for 30 days grace period and start fasting on water only. After that month they should do scan and see if anything happen. But this is me

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Culka, thanks for the info - you are an inspiration. If you fast, would you add apple cider vinegar to the water to assure an alkaline body??? I have not been eating as much with this diet - I think that is good. My homeo doc said the best source of Vit D is natural sunshine!!! Do you use selenium supplement??

Also, where do you get your flax oil? My homeo doc told me Barleans gives discount to cancer patients - I called the 800 number and they gave me at least 30% off online price. They were very nice. I will add some ground fresh flax seeds to the mix.

Yes, the "Claudia Anti-Cancer Diet" that I referred to is our own Claudia from this site. I think looking at the old threads you will find them clearly marked.

Thanks everyone for your love and support. I am leaning toward a stringent diet and watchful waiting. I am curious to see what doc says on Monday.

More to come, Mary Ann

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right now I am not taking any supplements, except vit C, but only at work days (otherwise I forget) and it is 6-9g a day.

Water fast mean water fast, but if you want to go this way, I`m strongly recommended study something about that or find somebody who did that and will be able to help you go through that. Fasting is the best doctor, surgery without knife, cleaning on all levels of our body, not only physical.

Man back home came back from terminal lung cancer 5 years ago with long fast. This is my last resource. My personal record is 51 hours on water. But I know guys with 17, 21, even 40+ days.

I just came in from my garden to eat a bite: 1 lb strawberries, 2 kiwi, 1 mango and while I was working on this watermelon (a lot).
Cut of any ANIMAL protein, you can`t loose.
Take care.

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I agree it is a bummer. I am so sorry that the lymph node showed cancer. I wish I could give you a big hug. I hope you are right that the cancer stayed put in that lymph node and did not go anywhere.

I will be anxious to hear what your gyn/ono offers for options. Good luck with Claudia's diet. Hope you can practice some of the meditation and relaxation until Monday. You remain in my prayers. In peace and caring.

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Daisy, So sorry to hear they found cancer cells. It certainly could be what lit up previously and your own immune system has been keeping things under control. I am eagerly awaiting a repeat CT scan late June to see how my peri-aorta lymph node is holding its own or better yet shrinking. Tested positive on biopsy in Oct. Dec CT showed it unchanged from Sept CT. I've read Anti-cancer book and am implementing much of what he advises. I do believe treatment needs to come from all directions not just the medical world. Believe! Annie

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I will meet with my doc tomorrow. I am going to ask him about the protocol for watchful waiting. My PET from May 09 had the same area lit up with note to watch it.

The protocol we used was CA125 every 2 months, physical exam every 4 months, and me watching my body for symptoms. I caught the lump 10 months after the PET. I wonder if there should be a PET at 6 months. Does anyone have any experience/info about this????

Mary Ann

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My thoughts and prayers are with you. Healing thoughts to you. I do not know about pet scheduling and it seems no one has similar protocols.

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I know how sucky it is to get bad news; no matter how many times you've withstood the blow, it still is a punch in the gut. But I agree that this may not actually be a recurrence and may just be something that has been waiting since the original go-round. Please think of it that way: unfinished business. I am just so so sorry that you are having to gear up for another battle. We all live our lives in 3 or 4 or 6 month chunks, alwasy at the merscy of the next test results, afraid to plan anything major beyond that next test date. That part of the journey is the same for us all.

My last 2 CT/PETs were 3 months apart and it will be almost 3 months to the day when I get my next CT/PET May 17th. Both my last scan and this one coming up were scheduled before I had any symptoms or any other reason than a routine check up. So I think because of the suspected recurrence that I will be monitored with scans every 3 months. I read that CT/PETs give off less radiation than CT-scans, so I hope that is true. I am, of course, anxious about this upcoming scan. This remission was so unexpected and, although thrilling, I haven't let myself believe in it 100%, and so have cherished each and every day out of treatment as a special SURPRISE gift.

That's how those of us with recurrence need to look at ANY day not in treatment, even DELAYS in treatment, ...each day that you feel good and like yourself is a special gift. One precious beautiful day at a time. ((((Mary Ann))))

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I so was not expecting to hear this. Will keep sending positive and healing thoughts. You are an exceptionally strong lady and will do well. Any way I can help, please, please let me know.
My thoughts and prayers will be with you on Mon during your appointment. Ask ALL your questions, and GET the answers.

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Sending you a big one.....keep your spirits up!


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I am sorry for your reoccurance. I think you try to prepare for the possibility but somehow it really just hits you when it happens. This cancer is tough. I still think we need more chemo if we are further than a 1a. Perhaps not more taxal/carbo but something.

We are here for you. I am on doxil and avastin and doing well on this combo. It takes a while to reach a level of calm and peace. I am finally there but still cry when my family does things for me like fussing over Mother's Day. We are here for you!


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I've just been reading the posts and thinking. Then I started crying for you Mary Ann. Linda, what you said is so true we live from scan to scan; test to test. My nurse just called to verify the time for the MUGA (heart ultrasound for doxil) and next CT scan. And yes I went in and got my blood this morning. Yes. See you tomorrow. Then I started the tears again for all of us.

I have enjoyed my days more since the recurrance. I am doing much better on doxil and avastin (I Know I only had two and things can change) and I don't think about the other things. Yesterday my daughter and I laid in the sun for a while and talked (aha! I did not get a rash from doxil). She is in love and I loved just listening to her. My other daughter does research and all of their specimens were accidently destroyed after their gruesome research trip. Now all the months of work was in vain. She is disappointed and I was able to listen, to help with the disappointment. So like all of us, I treasure these moments, I hold them in my heart. I hope and pray someone does research to help us with serous Uterine cancer. Where ever you are out there, please help us with more research.

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Mary Ann, I have had company the past few days so hadn't read any posts....I was shocked when I saw your post and am so sorry to hear about your node results. Will be anxious to hear what your onocologist has to say.
You are one tough gal and I know you can win this battle....Hang in there!

HUGE HUGS for you!! We are all here for you!!


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Mary Anne, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Fight the fight, you are a winner!



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