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was anyone a breast cancer patient first?

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Joined: Nov 2009

I am being checked for some thyroid issues and just got home from another ultrasound.
Wondering if anyone had breast cancer first, like me?

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Hi. I have not had breast cancer, but several people in my support group have had either breast cancer first and then thyroid, or thyroid first and then breast. While we were at a information session at Memorial Sloan Kettering, we asked the doctors if there was any relationship to the two and they said they are starting to see a connection between the two and also to lung cancer. I am not a doctor, but this just tells me that I need to keep up with my mammos, chest x-rays and of course scans of my thyroid.

Good Luck!

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Hi -- I was diagnosed three years ago with thyriod cancer and it had gone into my lymph nodes in my neck. I have not heard of a connection between thyroid, breast, lung or any other type of cancer, so this is very interesting to me. Also, after three years out, I am finding that the cost of my medical expenses, doctor visits, scans, blood work, etc is out of my budget (my insurance is lousy -- i have to pay almost $1,500 deductible before anything is covered). I have all I can do to be able to pay for rent, utilities, food and gas for the car. I have quit going to the doctors, having blood work, not having my scan done, etc. Will this affect me later? Does anyone have any idea what to do to get assistance for anything? thanks for listening

Oh and I have been told that I shouldn't worry becuase thyroid cancer is the "best kind of cancer to have".

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What about calling your local Amer. Cancer Society and ask if they have any services they can provide for you? If not, maybe they can direct you. I am sorry that you are have a bad financial time as I know that causes lots of stress.

Stay strong and keep us posted.

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Thank you for sharing the Sloan Kettering session information, and the more I read, the more I fear it will turn out to be accurate. My last ultrasound suggests to wait a year!
I see my ENDO in June, and am wondering when a biopsy is warranted, especially since I already had a cancer DX 23 months ago.

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