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surgery Thursday

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Hi Everyone,
Dick's surgery to remove the 1 lymph node is on Thursday, May 13 @ 10:00 California time. He met with Dr. Lenz and the surgeon and everyone said it is a good idea to take the lymph node out. Right now, that is the only place cancer is showing up on the PET. I pray that once it is out, Dick can do some mop up chemo and be NED (I keep in mind what Phil shared not long ago).

It has been quite a week getting ready to go to So Cal. As many of you know we have a daughter with special needs and she has life threatening seizures. We were going to bring her with us and have her stay in Orange County with my parents but the more I thought about it, the more I realized she is safer here in Hawaii. The firemen know her, the docs at the ER know her, her neurologist is here, her school is here and it is just so much better for her. In addition to her epilepsy, she has autism so change is very hard on her. So, we will get round the clock nurses for her so we don't have to worry. My mom will be here and she is wonderful with her. As soon as we made this decision it felt so much better.

Dick and I will travel to LA on Monday and Dick has preop on Tuesday. A friend has gifted us some time at a beautiful hotel in Laguna Beach until Thursday. Dick hopes to surf and work out as he preps for surgery mentally and physically.

I'll be in touch. You all got me through his first surgery in January 2009. I'll be looking to you again for your friendship and prayers.


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I'm glad to hear of your surgery, Dick, to weed out that last little lymph node. It will be nice to be rid of it.

I hope all the travels and arrangements wok out well for you all. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Rob; in Vancouver

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glad you have a good plan for supporting and loving your daughter whilst you are away. Dick I feel sure this is just a last little blip and you will get it cleaned up.

all the best with travel plans and big hugs to you both


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Good luck getting that node out, and may it be the last.


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and wishing you the best with this surgery. Sounds like your daughter will be in very good hands. What wonderful parents you must be to put her needs in order before you make your journey.

Good luck with the surgery and we will be looking for updates from you.

Tina and George

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Hoping that all goes well with Dick's upcoming surgery and that the results are that he is cancer free. He will be kept in prayer for a complete recovery.


Fight for my love
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Dear Kathleen and Dick,you are in my prayers.I hope a successful surgery and a speedy recovery for Dick.Take care.

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I'll be praying for you and Dick. Hope this will take care of things!

It's wonderful that your mom can be there with your daughter. I know that eases your mind so much.

Can't wait to hear the report on how things go.


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Good luck and keep us posted. I will keep you in my prayers.


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Dear Kathleen and Dick,
A positive attitude is certainly the key. Our bodies respond to how we feel and react. You two show amazing positive spirits. I believe that everything will be fine. GOD is truly watching over your family. Take care and Happy Mother's Day Kathleen.
Peace and Blessings,

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Good luck on your trip and with surgery, and that they get all the dang cancer out for good! My God be with the surgeons hands as angels watch over Dick...and the both of you get home soon.

God Bless

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Kerry S
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Sounds like a positive plan to me in getting that sucker out of there.

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Hi Kathleen and Dick

We'll all just be sitting out here in the "waiting room" until we hear from you. I know you have both worked extremely hard for this and I'm sure the outcome will go marvelously. Dick is so strong and athletic, he'll snap straight back like a rubber band. I wish I could be like him.

Enjoy the stay in your "gifted" hotel - how nice that was for someone to do that for you guys. And it sounds like your daughter is in great hands - it takes a village - and you've certainly got all of that.

Only the best for you guys!

Maikaʻi Pomaikaʻi :)


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Kathleen, you've always been so positive with everyone else so here is our chance to return the good thoughts to you. I will be praying for you safe travels, your daughters health and Dicks surgery. Please keep us posted. Be blessed!


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Kathleen and Dick, our best wishes for a successful operation - I'm sure that everything will be just fine. And what a blessing it is to have such thoughtful and caring friends. God bless you both, you will be in our thoughts. - Cynthia and Rick

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we'll be thinking of you...all the best!

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Good that finally that lymph node is coming out,I will be praying for you guys.

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That's great news and sounds like a very good plan.
Hey, NED happens too you know...

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I am with you two in thoughts and prayers.


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You and Dick and your entire family will be in my prayers all week. As Craig said, you'll have a "waiting room" full of people here expecting great news on Friday. I have a good feeling about this!

Enjoy your stay in Laguna this week. I was fortunate enough to work in Orange County for several months back in 2005 - what a fabulous place to spend some quality time together as you both prep for Friday. Keep us posted,


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Wishing you warm thoughts + good luck as Dick embarks on this next step.

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I didn't read your post until today (Monday), so you and Dick are probably en route to LA as I type. I just said a prayer for your whole family- for your daughter and Mom back in Hawaii, for you and Dick to have a good week here and enjoyable stay in Laguna and, of course, for Dick's surgery on Thursday to go well. I hadn't realized the extent of your daughter's situation. You have a very full plate. So glad you were able to make arrangements for your daughter and that your mom is able to be there with her & that your mind is at peace about her and having to be gone from her.

Blessings to you & let us know how it goes, of course.


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Many prayers for you both! Enjoy the So Cal sunshine and prayers it all goes as planned.

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Hi Friends,
You are all fabulous people. Really, you lift me up with your prayers and warm wishes. Dick and I are enjoying our fabulous hotel. Somehow even drinking water from a nice glass in a nice hotel room feels like luxury. Dick has his pre op appointment tomorrow and then back to the hotel. I hope he gets to surf Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday. We both know that Thursday is a big day but we are enjoying our time together.
On Thursday my aunt will join me at the hospital. She doesn't want me alone in the waiting room. I'll stay in the hospital with Dick until we get him to my parent's house in Orange County. Then, I'll fly back to Hawaii and Dick will stay in OC until he can fly back.
Thank you for your prayers. Your prayers are very sustaining.


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I wondered about Dick a lot the past few months because I knew about that lousy node. I didn't know that they could just remove a node. Wonder why they don't just remove it instead of going through another round of chemo! I know he's going to recover really fast because home is always best, especially when it's here in Hawaii. Lots of love and prayers to you and family and I'm positive this will be the beginning of NED. Have faith.

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ok just sending another bit batch of northern hugs....really warm here today....almost 40 F .....burrrrr have the furnace on

surf on my dear friends.....

mags....thinking of you for thursday

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Kathleen and Dick,

I will be praying for your upcoming surgery on Thursday. May the surgery go well and the recovery be quick and easy. Wishing you the very best...you deserve it.


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I'm praying the removal of this stubborn lymph node is a CURE for Dick! I'm also praying for your daughter's health while y'all are away. I'm so glad you were able to work this out. Hope surf was up the last few days and that Dick enjoyed every minute!

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Hi Friends,
A quick update. Dick had a very good pre op appointment at USC. Then back down to Laguna. Dick and my cousin got out on their boards for about 1 1/2 hours of surfing in the late afternoon. It was so good to see him out there. I just sat on the beach and took it all in. Him surfing, loving it. The beauty as the sun got lower in the sky. I am trying to stay grateful. Grateful for generous friends, supportive family, good medical care. Knowing that Dick will be in ICU in less than 48 hours is really trippy. He looks and feels so good right now so..... I am trying to just soak it all in and enjoy our time.
Thanks for everything.


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will be thinking of you both and praying for a quick recovery. You both are such positive and special folks and inspiration to all who read this board and going thru our own experience to fight this disease. Take care

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Just wanted you to know that you and Dick are in my thoughts and prayers this morning, and will be all day. Hoping all goes well.

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I'm thinking a lot about you both and am hoping that Dick's surgery goes well tomorrow. I keep seeing Dick surfing those waves and wish him many many more times out on the water.

Love to you both,

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I will be thinking of you and Dick tomorrow and wish for a very successful surgery! Please let us all know how it goes.

Hugs from San Antonio, Texas,

husband David dx 4/08 stage 3c now stage 4
Liver resection 3/10 recovering still but doing well

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I will be praying for you and Dick tomorrow. You are an inspiration to me, I know what it is like waiting while the love of your life is in surgery. It never gets easier. Hang in there. I am sure it will go fine. Hoping for the best of all outcomes,

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Paula G.
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I'm late on this one. I hope all goes well and look forward for a update. Sounds like a great plan. My thoughts are with you both. Paula

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I hope all went well.

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