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Post Surgery Pain

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Hey all,
I had a testicle removed three months ago and now the one that's left has been swelling up and hurting. I had still another CT Scan done with dye and also a Sonogram or Ultrasound test, they came back negative but it worries the heck out of me. Is this normal? Has it happenned to any of you? Thanks and be well!

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I had my left testicle removed in 2003. As I recal I had pain for about 6 months like you are describing with swelling as well. This scared me as well for many weeks. I went out and had a second opinion and the doctors assured me this was normal. They told me to make sure that I remember that your body is healing. It will continue to react for time as you get better. I have still had some pain and swelling off and on even now. The best advice I can offer is to trust your doctors, but if you don't feel just right with them you can always get a second opinon. Fell free to message me if you have any questions. I would be glad to chat with you.


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I had my surgery in March of 2009, and I still have random pains. Sometimes I feel like it's twisted (around what i do not know since i onyl have one) and other times its a sharp nerve type pain.

sometimes i swear my left nut hurts even though its not there too. I think that whole area is just traumatized by the surgery and pains should be pretty normal. I still get a check up every month though just to be sure.

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