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Pet-Ct results

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The oncologist called and said overall the pet-ct looked good. He said there was anal activity where the cancer was and asked if I had been examined recently, which on 3-4 I had a biopsy and he said that explains it. He also mentioned a less than a cm pulmonary spot on my lung, in which he said is common and probably due to infection. There was no SUV uptake. I will have a CT in 3 months in hopes that it is gone or has not grown. I will see him this Tuesday for further explanation, so for now I'm releived. Lori

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Awesome Lori, so happy to hear the good news!


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for your good news Lori! My anal area lights up on PET scans. Been told it is radiation proctitis. Had sigmoidoscopy and biopsies last month. All clear. Still a little un-nerving, I know. I also experience occasional rectal bleeding with bowel movements. Also un-nerving, but that tissue is so delicate to begin with and after all our bottoms have been through I suppose it is just the "new normal". Always a relief to have the GI doctor say it all looks good and get the phone call that the lab said all is clear! Hope the rest of your news is good when you get a face to face with your Dr.
Take care,

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Don't want to be a bummer but my rectum lit up on a PET after all my other chemos, even after my liver was all right, and it meant I had to have a colostomy. . Sometimes glow is cancer. I had a biopsy of the glowing tissue and it was positive for cancer.


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Okay, this brings up a question for me. I had shoulder surgery on May 3 and of course I got constipated with the anesthesia and pain pills. I had rectal bleeding with the constipation. I usually don't have bleeding because I have been blessed with soft stools since treatment ended (10-09). My oncologist's nurse told me today that my doctor wants me to have my follow-up PET scan - so that will probably be in the next week or so.

Do you think the recent bleeding will make the anal area light up on the PET? Any thoughts would be appreciated. I will call his office on Monday as well.

I felt fortunate to share the Discussion Boards with three people in the past. I just spoke to another newbie acquaintance today. He had a colonoscopy and they found a tumor in the area where the large and small intestine meet, as well as in 2 or 3 lymph nodes. I told him about the discussion boards and how helpful they are. I said I guessed he would be in the colorectal group. I always laugh about this and I told him I am in the butthole group. At least he got a chuckle out of that. He will be coming over to M.D. Anderson next month after he recuperates from surgery.

I love our Discussion Boards. They really are helpful. I have a Saint Bernard. Who else is on this Board with one? I could have sworn I saw a picture of someone with a Saint.


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Hi, Lori,
My two PETs have shown a bright spot at the anus but I am reassured that this is due to healing tissue... I asked my new doc about 3 months after the last one (last May), he said that it wasn't bright enough to be cancer. Other tests confirm NED.

But the occasional bleeding, etc. with the assurance that it is not significant and/or it is a hemorrhoid sound eerily like the year before the cancer dx. At least now, doctors check it out and don't make assumptions- I now await a fresh pelvic CAT, sigmoidoscopy and uterine ultrasound (I had suspicious cells and swelling in my uterus 3 weeks after my "rectal" tumor was found - and now I have a fused vagina from the radiation).

I won't be really relaxed until all this testing is again done.
I hope you will be receiving lots of reassurance from you docs when this is done!


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